Randomography: Zoo // Church...

Allison, Andrea, Ava, Harrison and I went to the zoo on Monday. Having an annual pass is really worth it...especially when someone else buys it for you.




I secretly want a bamboo forest to be growing in my yard. Unfortunately I have neighbors who would hate me...uh...more than they do now. Not you Mike and Lindsey...you love us. And we love you.




Why can't we have two fall seasons in a row instead of winter?




Heart = melts.





Oh Polar bear; why must thou maul my face when I pet thee?




Our church is moving. Never before have we been more aware that the church has nothing to do with a building than now. Our tribe is currently meeting in 2 locations for 3 services. We will be united under one roof in 2 weeks. While we won't own this building, it still feels a little bit more like "home" than a nasty movie theater. It's got some cool hidden spots too.









21 waggish utterances thus far...:

Sonja Chandler said...

Pics. So very cool.

My oldest son wants to grow bamboo so bad it's making me crazy. Maybe one day I will allow this.
You are a great pho-tog-apher.

melanie said...

We're moving?
Maybe I should have signed up to get those email updates...

Michelle said...

Awesome pictures. I love zoos. Glad you'll be in a new building soon.

Kelly said...

Yes, a zoo pass is so worth it with little ones. I feel like we lived there when ours were little. And I wonder the same thing about fall. why can't it be spring, summer, fall, fall?

can't wait for the move-we are siked-does anyone say that anymore?

A Called Life said...

Ryan, how do you get your pictures to curve? Is it a special lens?

Scott Fillmer said...

great set of pics... man I love that 10.5mm fisheye, the others are great too, really fantastic lighting.

Brad Ruggles said...

Great pics as always.

That's so cool that you're going to be combining locations for your church. And your new location has a bell tower! How cool is that!!

Lisa said...

Great photos and hey! you're funny again today. :O)

The Neeleys said...

Found your blog through good ol' PW (who hasn't, right?) and I really enjoy your posts, photography, philosophical waxings on faith, family, etc. These are really great photos...

Erin said...

I'm inspired to get an annual pass to our zoo when my daughter is a little older.

EG said...

I love the zoo pictures! I was going to say that I love the peacock. Then I decided I love the peacock and Ava. And the polar bear. And the lion.

Michael J. Sharp said...

Cool pics. I'm especially drawn to those of leaves, .... how are you able to focus some parts of the picture and not the others? Neat.

Looking forward to the move. Feels right.

DanThoms said...

get with the program melanie.

Is it just me or do all of the animals at the zoo look tired? What could they possible be doing all day that makes them that tired. They have easier jobs than I do.

mommyknows said...

Fabulous photos!

Not Too Old said...

You can grow bamboo - just make a container for it. We had some in a large box, and it kept it fairly under control. We used it for fishing poles.
Great post! Loved the photos!

Jessica said...

I love the zoo! And you captured it so beautifully. I'm with you on the wanting two falls instead of winter sentiment. Minneapolis winter can be pretty harsh.

Jeckie said...

Thanks for the zoo reminder! I have recently started spending time with a 10 year old, and I bet he'd love the zoo. :) (Plus I'll get to play with my nifty camera! Win!)

Jennifer and Sandi said...

Wow those are AWESOME PICTURES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

- Jennifer

Becky said...

Great pics. Great words. As always...GREAT. And the polar bear? made me ROAR with laughter. thanks.

Donna Boucher said...

That is some mighty fine photography!!!

Hannah said...

This makes me want to go to the zoo- and I really am not the zoo type. I will be sure to tell my girls to thank you :)