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Too busy for a decent post today...too many projects due with too little time to do them all. So here's what I've been thinking about. What is my life for? What is this blog for? What am I for?

So here's a decent little thought on that subject:

My aim is to simultaneously comfort and confront each person I interact with.

Everyone has secrets...


Everyone has secrets.

Little things that we don't tell others because we are afraid. Some things are private and just shouldn't be shared, but those things that don't fall into the private category are secrets.


If you know me for about nine seconds you'll realize that I'm not a very secretive person. I keep many things private that should be kept private. I keep many things in confidence that should be kept in confidence. As a pastor, people tell me their secrets or private things all the time. Those things I keep to myself.


People ask me sometimes why I am so open about my life and my secrets and the answer is simple: If you already know my secrets, you'll be much more open to sharing your life with me. True authenticity is birthed. Transparency abounds. That's it.


And so I need to get something off my chest. A confession if you will.


I don't care who knows it. This sandwich is seasonal at McDonald's. This was designed to keep me below the 2 hundo mark on my scale, but I'm working diligently to beat the system anyway.

I order it with no pickles, no onions, and extra sauce. It's disgustingly delicious and it's been a secret pleasure of mine for years. Well no more. I'm coming out of the McRib closet and I'm proud to be living in a country where that is socially accepted. This sandwich might just get me through the winter blues.


G'head...fess up.