Scanned Discoveries...


Today was a day of organizing and de-cluttering. I wasn't as effective in my task as I had hoped due mostly to all the things I was discovering whilst cleaning out drawers and closets. Memories ebbed and flowed back and fourth as one photograph lead to another and past spelling mistakes were revealed. Can you find the mistake in this one?


As I stacked CDs, books, and movies I can't help but to recite lines in my head. I must have replayed Long Duk Dong's eloquent pick-up line 20 times.

"What's happenin' hot stuff?"


Many a photograph was rifled through.


Some more explainable than others.



ALAS! The crown jewel of my discoveries today! It would seem I was interested in the idea of blogging before I knew what it was. 16 years ago I started a scrap book.


Cover letter and all...


click image for larger size...

EVERYBODY knows...

Eric Silz is still one of my best friends...I went to Honduras with him...he's in Honduras right now serving, and making a difference, and connecting with the least of these. I know I could call him at 3am for anything. Some of these kids didn't make it past 25.


I was way into commas then.

One of the only things I've ever held to.

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Jill said...

Funny! My fave was "everybody knows"!

Not Too Old said...

This was fun! said...

wow... this was an extraordinary post. i took DARE twice growing up. the first school i went to taught it early and then i moved the next year and had to take it again during the normal grade level. so funny.

foreverfoldinglaundry said...

Love the old pictures! Aren't you glad you kept that scrapbook!

(And the mistake was that exhibit was missing its 'h'!)

DanThoms said...

How come everyone I knew as a teenager who wore DARE shirts were pot heads hmmmmmmm. At least it worked for you.

Helen Ann said...

You look a little bit like Jonah Price when you were younger...Especially on the cover of your Scrap Book. :)

Sonja Chandler said...

What in the world is up with the couch pic and explosion? Funny, I laughed out loud. Again.

What is fess up friday? as Elf would say "What's a candy gram, I want one?

REally good post Ryan. Didn't know you liked to scrapbook. Cute kid pics.

Isn't it fun to go through old things. On my blog I posted pics yesterday of my mom and me about 15 years ago. Awesome memories.
Boy do

Katy said...


Your first photo has now given me an earworm like crazy. I remember listening to that song and dancing with my 3 year old daughter when we lived in Washington State.

Of course I tried to remember the name of the dance that we did when that song played, so I went to wikipedia in hopes of finding the name of that dance. Who knew that Ice Ice Baby had such a sordid history?

Andrea said...

Everybody knows I am the 2nd farthest softball thrower, too.

Erin said...

So in the spirit of playing along I grabbed 2 photo albums from when I was in high school...and I'm officially scared. LOL Not even to mention my year books.


Here goes nothing!

arrogantrat said...

Love that! You were such a cute kid and had quite a good sense of humor, too. :O)

Bombastic Bandicoot said...

Love that! You were such a cute kid and had quite a good sense of humor, too. :O)

Bombastic Bandicoot said...
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Cheri said...

Thanks for the "old school" moments!

mdvelazquez said...

Thank you for sharing your trip down memory lane.

I'm going to have lines from 16 Candles going through my head all day. "The Donger needs food."

lizzytro said...

we all know you aren't that good as needs an "h." said...

Ryan, remind me to tell you about my "hair-style" in high school. Actually, not just my hairstyle, but me and ALL OF MY FRIEND's hairstyles.

The first scanned pic brought back this bad, bad memory of not-too-thought-out fashion decision. There are thousands of Western Hills yearbooks that have cemented this poor hair-style decision in history.


Kimberly said...

Ryan, I just caught this post today. Here's mine: