Randomography: Downtown Cincinnati...

Went out last night for a walk.


I only had one lens with me...and I forgot my tripod.


New tires after a blowout on Tuesday.





The air is so crisp and peaceful right now.



Solitude. Rest. Sabbath. God, speak to me.





Heading home.


My familiar loves. They are one with the fruit snacks right now. Maybe I shouldn't have bought the 48 pack.


15 waggish utterances thus far...:

Snobound said...

Trippy photos - love 'em!

Darth Mom said...

I know you got that 48 pack at Sam's Club! Ryan -- we have not met in person. My family and I have only been going to VWS since June. We usually go to the Sat.
night service. I help with the kid's church Sun. at 9:30 and I see you in the lobby sometimes but you are always talking to someone. Besides I'm shy to just walk up and say Hi! Although I feel like I know you so I should just do it!

melanie said...

Darth Mom,
Just do it. He's nice (a little creepy and all) doesn't bite and you'll always walk away feeling better after you talk to him. And, I want to know who you are too because I, myself am NOT a star wars geek either and did not get up early today just to watch Indiana Jones with my son.
I did not.

Sonja Chandler said...

The 48 pack?...you are seriously really funny.

How do you get all those crazy cool shots. I wanna be you, ok or at the least take night shots like that.

Do tell.

For I am one of those you must forgive for I know not what the heck I do with my camera kind of people. Really.

J.Danger said...

we too are quite fond of the 48 pack...

Scott said...

I love that 10.5mm fisheye, good stuff... but the kicker is the macro shot of the fruit guy, great post.

Cheri said...

I'm saving for that lens! Meanwhile I shall try not to covet.

Did I mention I love downtown Cincinnati?

Darth Mom said...

Melanie -- I think we met at church once. You're Jon's wife, right? It was the first or second time we went to VWS, and after the worship Jon said "Turn around and say Hi to someone you don't know and tell them who your favorite football team is." (I don't know why he said that since it was June and not football season!) Anyway, I turned around to say Hi and you said that your husband made that football remark for you! I wasn't sure what you were talking about but you seemed friendly. Then Jon came and sat with you and it all made sense. Well, sort of!

Debbie said...

I agree with Sonja, do tell how you take such beautiful photos. The one of the fountain is gorgeous!

Becky said...

So you are saying that you took all of those shots without a tripod? HOW?! How did you do it? I'm assuming you had your shutter speed set to an incredibly slow speed? So how in the world did you not have blurry images without using your tripod? You're amazing. That's all I'm saying. The end.

DanThoms said...

This begs to question, "why do I not go downtown?" It's quite literally 4 minutes away.

Darthmom, ok, if you work in the 9:30 kids service than unless you have the uncanny ability to make yourself invisible, I have to know you.

mdvelazquez said...

Beautiful shots, Ryan!

I would love to hear how you shot the the photo above "Heading Home."

DeborahB said...

You make Cincinnati look really cool. Thanks! I never get downtown anymore.

Darth Mom said...
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palpinao said...

After reading this I made my own post abut my city. ha