Randomography: Cincinnati Hurricane...

They're calling the nearly rainless storm we had on Sunday a Class 1 hurricane. This is Cincinnati, Ohio. We don't have hurricanes. We don't know what to do in these situations. But, we made the most of it. Here are some pics of the happenings.

At first it was just windy out:

Then debris started falling:

Things started getting tossed around:

That's when I started hearing the snaps:

Here's my neighbor's tree on my driveway:

80mph winds are able to uproot even the healthy trees:


Huge trees down on both sides of the street:

This little baby missed some cars by about 2 feet:




The cool thing was how it brought so many in the community together:

The other cool thing is that I'm getting some serious use out of my chainsaw:


Although the house is messy, it still looks cool all lit up with candles. I'm glad our electricity is back on, but there's something special seeing so many kids outside playing on a day where there is no TV, no video games, no computer. If it weren't for the tragedies involved, I'd probably say I enjoyed this last few days. We're some of the fortunate who have had power restored to us. There are still around 500,000 throughout the greater Cincinnati area without power.


This may have been a once in a lifetime situation to be involved in. The remnants of Hurricane Ike and a cold front came together in such a way that we were hit harder than any time in Duke Energy's history for this area. Pretty crazy stuff.

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karenthelibrarian said...

It looks as though your neighborhood was spared a lot of destruction, aside from the loss of the trees. I'm glad you were able to come together and find something positive in such a mess! We're all praying for you guys!

Norma said...


Mandi said...

Wow, great pictures. Here in Indy we didn't get it so bad, but we had 60 mph gusts and some rain. It was a crazy storm. Glad you and yours made it through ok.

Mainly a midwife said...

Wow.. amazing. I didn't hear anything about it on the news. I guess the media is still so focused on Ike.
That's great that you live in an area where neighbors come together.
And lucky that you can whip out your chainsaw.. boys and their toys...

Annie said...

I love the shots.

We rarely lose power, but I distinctly remember one evening a year or so ago, and how fun it was to slow down, play Scrabble with my husband by candlelight, drink a glass of wine.

SondreLyn said...

Those are some amazing pictures. Praise God you and your family had so "little" damage.

How on earth do you remove enormous trees like that? The trees seem so whole, it almost seems like you could stand them back up again! (uh, not...)

3kids2jobs1dog.com said...

This is almost exactly my post today only minus the really cool pictures. Where do you live? Looke Colerain-ish. I live in Covington. And I love the comment about what kind of parent you are being in a house with no power and a two year old. My 8, 7 and 6 year old drove me bat crazy!

Kimberly said...

My mother lives in Louisville, KY, not far from Cincy... She told me there were a lot tree limbs and messes around there too.

What an amazing thing.

I'm glad y'all are ok.

julie s. said...

we decided we're going to have a once a month "no electricity" day/night. no dishwasher. no tv. no computer. no lights. i'm glad to have the power back on, but i'm really glad for the break it gave us. we needed that.

julie s. said...

OH and my husband was chainsaw happy too....

YT said...

Fallen trees make me sad. Think of how long it took them to grow! And how much beauty and shade they provided. Not anymore. Sad!
(of course I know people and their lives are far more important, but that goes without saying!)


Kaci said...

I live in Northern Ohio and it was a mess too! YIKES!

LouAnn said...

found you on the pioneer woman site - we live in cinci area too (Northern KY) funny that you live so close and I found you on that site! We personally didn't lose power, but the subs right down the road did, and we loaned our generator to a family at church. That storm gave my kids a first-hand look at the power of God! :)

kris said...

Hey bud, check my blog and you and your chainsaw, come on down! Seriously, we lost alot, but praise God we are alive, it was pure hell and I talked to God all night. GLad you are all ok and I really miss internet to keep up. Prayers would be appreciated here in the Gulf Coast! thanks,