Questions and Answers...

Below are some questions and answers. Some of these questions I HAVE been asked recently and some of these questions I SHOULD HAVE been asked recently.


Question: What was that snack you picked up at Jungle Jim's that had you running around the house cheering as you cleaned yesterday?


Answer: See above.


Question: So, does anyone at your church get mad that you have tattoos and stuff?

Answer: *In the form of another question* Is that something I should care about?


Question: Was that earthy, crunchy, Amy's organic, cornmeal crust, 3 cheese, health food pizza you ate last night at 11pm actually good?

Answer: Holy crap. I cannot begin to describe how good this strange pizza really was. I have let it sit dormant in the bottom of the deep freeze for ages expecting the worst out of it...thank you PizzaGod for what you created in your image. It was delicious.


Question: Did crazy Todd ever find his African Serval Cat Gideon?

Answer: No. However, he has spent hundreds of dollars on a pet detective who is apparently slightly less qualified than Ace Ventura. Oh, and he lost his $400 phone in the woods while searching for the cat. Sorry Todd, but today I'm going to have to nominate you as GluttonForPunishment City's citizen of the day. Congratulations.


Question: What happened with your plastic cup challenge?

Answer: lasted for close to 2 months honestly. I never did take the cup with me, but I did use if for pretty much everything at home for those couple months. I finally had to send it off to the big recycling compound in the sky once the cup began to smell, even after washing, and began to crack multiple times causing me to dribble. I hate it when I dribble.


Question: Where you really attacked by a 150 year old man at a church service this week?

Answer: Yes. Yes I was. But don't take my word for it ----> See what Dan writes!


Question: What was that wine you loved so much the other night?

Answer: That would have to be the Carménère from Ventisquero Reserva. I picked it up at Piazza Discepoli for just under 10 bones. It was an extremely smooth for my palate with just a hint of spiciness at the end. I liked this one a lot. For unpretentious wine knowledge, check out


Question: Where are Ryan and Carrie?



Answer: Well, if you mean the Ryan and Carrie who have been living in community with us for the past 5 months - GONE. For a month anyway. They've decided to go to Florida for a week to relax as they never actually had a honeymoon, and then head off to Virginia to hike the Appalachian Trail for three weeks. Crazies I tell you.


Question: You seriously want 4 shots of espresso in a medium carmel macchiato?


Answer: Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes.


Question: So, are you like...a real pastor?

Answer: Let me check...yup.

13 waggish utterances thus far...:

melanie said...

Don't talk about Ryan and Carrie, it makes me sad. And Jon found it so hilarious that the ancient man attacked you that he called on the way home dying laughing! At your expense, no less. I am sorry. I can't do anything about his manners.
And for the record, we love your tattoos.

Steve said...

His name is Tex, and he wears a Stetson. I didn't see a holster though, which was probably a good thing.

We do love our worship Undignified!

Marchelle said...

hi! i discovered you on PW yesterday. i love your blog,
i am officially now a "reader". thanks for this informative post! =)

i also checked out your flickr page, i'm a fellow flickrer myself. you have some AWESOME photographs!

melanie said...

RYAN...Jon just told me that the ancient man actually PUSHED YOU!
I'm sorry, but that's just funny.

DanThoms said...

I can't even express how funny it was to see Ryan get attacked by that old fellow. After the prayer gauntlet was done we were all dying laughing about it.

Debbie said...

It sounds like the old man provided some comedy for your service!

B said...

Hi-I'm new to your blog. I followed the link from Pioneer Woman yesterday, and I'm glad I clicked. I am severely intrigued by your photographs. How in the world do you get that circular, almost warped look to your pictures (such as the macchiato picture?) I'm a 'beginner' when it comes to photography, but I'm learning!

Kim said...

Oh how I WISH I lived closer to Cinci...not 2 hours that I could have beheld the awesomeness of Old Mr. Stetson man! I'm laughing so hard!! As a matter of fact, I think he may have been at the RibAmerica Fest in Indy last week!! Except he was missing his, nope, he was just some rocker-dude!

This post is one of the many reasons why I've now become a faithful reader....that, and your sweet little Ava is adorable. ;) Oh, and I think it's cool how God is using you! :) Press On Pastor!

Ryan Detzel said...

Thanks for the sympathy Melanie...I really appreciate it.

And Dan...thanks for nothing. I can't believe you saw Moses' brother violate me and you just sat back and watched. You could have, at the very least, kicked him in the neck or something.

b - that circular effect is achieved through a fish-eye lens on my Nikon. It's nice a "normal" looking towards the middle of the photo, but as you get out towards the edges it warps more and more.

DanThoms said...

Hey, your a strapping young whippersnapper with tattoos. I knew you could handle it. Plus the look on your face was quite funny.... and I'm a pacifist so a jump kick to the neck would be out of the question :)

Helen Ann said...
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Helen Ann said...

Hahaha! We had ya covered last night for the 150 year old guy. As he started to step into the "sound booth" area, Denise very smoothly stepped in and blocked him from being able to go all the way into your space. Sorry he pushed you though! I think he really did come to deliver a message he felt was from God...Not sure yet which god...I asked Papa andI think he said "He was mistaken"...So maybe his heart was in the right place?? Kinda weird though...Even Don came out into the hall once Merry removed him to make sure no deliverance needed to be done!

kribss said...

i wish we had a pastor like you around our neck of the woods....