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The latest podcast is up if you're interested in hearing me teach on Royalty:

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Above is the Manga version of myself that I created over at - You should definitely make one.

I shot some photographs at our local Harvest Home Parade yesterday. Ava had a blast. It's always nice to see your community come together...especially 40,000 of them.


My beautiful wife Allison with her beautiful mom Tracy.



While I loved watching the clowns, I must admit, I did love watching the people who were petrified of clowns even more.


Seriously...who couldn't love this face?

Speaking of lovely faces...holy schmoley. That's the most smokin' hot woman I've ever seen.
Gorgeous Allison









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Debbie said...

Allison is lovely and women never get tired of being reminded!

rob said...
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Snobound said...

Is that a real snake?

DanThoms said...

Hey, I made some signs for this parade. It said something about grandsomething or another's grandkids.

Cheryl said...

I really enjoyed your podcast, I would attend your church for sure. You are very intuitive.

miss shannon said...

Ryan, I found your Blog yesterday via Pioneer Woman, and now I know the path to you was lead by God... After listening to your podcast I was so touched that I had to share on my own blog what God needed me to hear. I was wondering if there is anyway to get your teaching so I can add it to my mp3 player?

ps. I bought crimini mushroom yesterday... guess what's for supper? :D

Jenny said...

Was that a Mountain Dew can in Ava's hand? I surely hope you weren't letting her drink that. :p

Ryan Detzel said...

snobound - Yes. It was a real, rubber snake.

Thanks for the kind words on the podcast Cheryl and can subscribe to the podcast on our website or by going to iTunes and searching for Vineyard Westside. Then you can put it on an mp3 player.

Jenny - No worries, it's diet. J/K

Brad Ruggles said...

Awesome pics as always. Almost felt like I was there.

miss shannon said...

Thanks Ryan... I've subscribed to the podcast :D! I have the blog relating to your teaching up now too... btw great pics!

Steve said...

Is Ava drinking a Diet Mt. Dew?

Heather said...

I'm another that came over from Pioneer Woman's website. I'm so thankful that I checked your website this afternoon because I needed to listen to the podcast.
I too strugle with lust and have been trying my hardest to shun those lies. I've never thought of them as agreements with Satan before, but I agree that that is what we do. We buy into the untruths and then the parts of our lives we want to keep holy and safe become distorted as well.
After listening to you teach, I'm experiencing a mighty change of heart. I don't have to stick to any agreements with Satan. No contract with him is ever binding and if anything he would be the first to leave us hanging. Thank you for reminding me that I am a beloved Daughter of God and as such have a great power and capacity to do many great things.