Dog Park...


Harlan and Saul have been looking a little down lately. My typical love language for them is either a nice punch in the ribs or a smack in the face to get them all rowdy. I keep forgetting that they're sensitive and just like my wife, they want me to be spontaneous and take them to interesting places. I've never taken these dweebs to the dog park before, so I decided yesterday was the day.

I loaded the pooches up into the back of the 4runner, and we set off for an adventure. Surely they thought they were headed towards euthanasia as I don't take them anywhere really. They've got a nice doggie-door with access to come and go as they please, as well as a big enough yard to frolic around like mentally-ill Gazelles. Their life is good...really good. You can't ever have too much culture though, and these dudes lack culture. we come.


Everything started out nice. There weren't many dogs there at all, maybe six or seven others.


Other dogs would come up to check us out and see if they wanted us to join their respective clubs.


Saul was basking in the glory of it all. He kept looking at me with the grin as to say, I love you Father...I love you very much indeed.


He was checking everyone out asking them if they wanted to be his BFF.


Saul wrestled with many a dog larger than he and held his own like a champion.





Harlan was a little different story however.


Although he's got nearly 40lbs on's all wuss. Harlan is approximately 50lbs of marshmallow fluff mixed with Richard Simmons exercise DVDs and Polly Pocket accessories. This dog is a sissy.


Ridgeback mix my foot...Harlan spent the majority of his time at the dog park hiding from his shadow on top of picnic tables. I kept checking under him to see if he did indeed have a weiner and it was there...the evidence wasn't shown anywhere else though.


Now I will admit that Nala, a dominatrix of a mutt, was a bit on the controlling side.



But this is just embarrasing.


The times Harlan wasn't on top of table, he spent trying to figure out how to escape the dog park all together. What a ninny.


Other dogs kept coming up to me whispering...Is he okay?


Note to self as a time try not to use Saul's butthole as a focal point.


All in all, it was an hour well spent. I think I'll have to bring them back soon. We'll get Harlan over his fears and Saul can reign supreme once more.


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Anonymous said...

Too funny!

Don't you watch the Dog Whisperer? Your big yard is just a large cage. How would you like to be stuck in your yard all day, everyday? You have to take dogs for walks everyday for their mental health! That's why I own a cat.

Bridge said...

Speaking of the Dog Whisperer, try walking them for half an hour or so BEFORE you go to the park. You'll establish that you're in charge, and they'll be more tired and feel safer. And Harlan might just get over his neurosis.

Snobound said...

I love dogs - we own three. Great photos!

Starwoodgal said...

Love this post.

I have three dogs with very different personalities so I completely understand. The "Is he okay?" picture made me snort laugh (the guys in the room think I'm nuts already - so thanks - I work a help desk). This is funny and really brightened my day.

DanThoms said...

So your saying that Allison doesn't like to be slapped around?

Anonymous said...


Laura said...

Ha! Harlan is a big ninny. I have a 108 pound golden retriever that is the same way. It's so weird to see such a large dog cower at the sight of a little terrier. Ah the dog world. I love your blog by the way, you have a great way of looking at life. I've just recently started going back to church and I'm really loving it. I'm not sure why I let myself miss out on it all of these years.

firecracker panda said...

Holy cow, that Saul's a cutie!

Debbie said...

This post cracks me up! I can relate though, I have 2 Siberian Huskies that I take to our dog park. It's hilarious to watch them interact with the other dogs.

Dyan said...

What an awesome post! Thanks for sharing with us!

Lisa said...

God gave a bigger portion of "guts" to the little terrier types, so that means that some of the big guys have to be a little wimpy to balance it out. I am a veterinarian, and I have seen MANY little guys like Saul beat the crap out of big burley fellas like Harlan. Great post - I just stumbled onto our blog today by the way of PW. Now I gotta cook all YOUR stuff too!


Elizabeth said...

Heh. Poor Harlan. I don't love dog parks myself, so cannot blame him. My dog spends his time frisking the two-legged attendees for treats, rushing the fence when new dogs try to enter, and making sure he has marked every.last.inch.of.fence. He and Harlan might just get along.

Bonnie said...

Thanks for a great post -- made me smile so much my face hurt!

Laurie said...

I have a 13 pound pug-tzu (half pug and half shi-tzu) named Latte Mocha. She would take on Godzilla if she thought he was trying to be mean to her humans.

Laurie said...

Oh yeah, what apeture is best for optimal rectal photo enhancement?

Mandi (a.k.a MissMandiGirl) said...

LOL!! Nice chuckle with the morning coffee :)

Cheryl said...

You think you have it bad, I have a 95 pound Doberma Pinscher who is the biggest pussy you have ever met, she hides behind me!

moncheoPR said...

Oh I cracked up with this post. Wish we had dog parks/runs here in Puerto Rico for our Kaya, Miss Attanetion Ho. She loves peeps, dogs, and kids. The beach will have to do for now. ;-)

Helen Ann said...

The park just across the way from that one is Sketch and Bentley's domain...When we visit there is usually no one else in there and it's great! I used to take Sketch to the big dog side but he always just came away all full of slobber from the big dogs drooling on him. :)

Jenny said...

Oh I wish we had a dog park!

I love your description of Harlan: "Although he's got nearly 40lbs on's all wuss. Harlan is approximately 50lbs of marshmallow fluff mixed with Richard Simmons exercise DVDs and Polly Pocket accessories. This dog is a sissy." His name's awesome, too.

Saul's bunghole for a focal point. Hilarious. Please remind self of that one next time. :)

Kimberly said...

Dogs are funny critters. Our Misa (The Wonder Dog [an Akita]) keeps us on our toes. She will get bored easily if we're not challenging her intelligence.

We've taken her to a neighbor's a few blocks away to play with her sister. The guy her sister is with has keys to a gated playground. We'll take them there and they romp and have a good ole time. We took Misa to be spayed and haven't had her to see her sister yet. And it's been raining. Until this morning... **The Sun Is Shining** w00t!