Ya got holes in yer ears...

Here's are a couple photos to show what my ears looked like about 8 or 9 years ago:


As a teenager, I was quickly addicted to piercings and dyed hair and clothes that the majority wasn't wearing. It's fun to be different and I wanted to be even more different than the different kids. My normal style was something like this:

* Face and ears all pierced up.
* Insane hair color all messed up with gel, mousse, tar, etc..
* Preppy-kid clothing or gothic nerd depending on the day.

I'm not sure what drew me toward stretching my ears out. There weren't many people doing that sort of thing in my school. I think I knew of maybe one kid whose ears were gauged. But for some reason I was extremely interested in it. I had seen that sort of thing on Ubangi tribesman on public access and I thought to myself, I can do that.

And I did. I had already pierced my own ears and then I started stretching them out. Be it for style or individuality I'm not really sure. I just did it. And I kept doing it until they got bigger and bigger. By the time I was to be married my ears we're stretched to the point of requiring a 1/2" diameter ring in each ear.

For wedding purposes, I put in some flesh colored plugs that made it look as if my ears weren't even pierced. Check em' out:


You can hardy even tell they're there. Exhibit B:


For whatever reason, I opted to take my big fat earrings out during our honeymoon. That was 5 1/2 years ago. During that time my ears shrunk down in a major way. You could still tell that they were pierced, but that was about it. Until recently.

Recently, I've had the itch to re-stretch my ears. Do you know why?

Yeah...me neither. I'm not really sure what it is, but I really feel like this is something that's a part of me. And I realize that could sound dweebish something terrible. This feels more like who I am. Over the last few weeks I've been gauging them back out again. It's much easier this time actually. My ears are floozies. I'm almost back to 1/2" and I think I'll probably stop around 5/8". Here's what they look like today:

Photo 1398

So here's to doing something that you don't fully understand. One thing is for sure though. It's already started up some cool conversations.

6 waggish utterances thus far...:

DanThoms said...

You've got to get them up to the size of my friend Chris.

Helen Ann said...

I think once they're bigger you should get earrings with magnifying glass in them so that people can observe things up-close through your earlobes.

Anonymous said...

Oh noo, plugs? uck :/ sorry, i will never understand the need people feel to make their ears look horridly strange like that, really stretched anyway. Don't think it will ever make sense to me unless the person is part of an african tribe that has that as part of their traditions.

The Old Broad said...

I feel ya, Bud! I don't understand why I feel the need to be a little different either... and my family definitely doesn't understand! For my 40th birthday I got my first tattoo. For my 50th birthday I got my nose pierced. My kids now left wondering what kind of body mutilation will Mom do for her 60th?!?! They all winced when I thought aloud about a branding.

Crazy Mama said...

I think they looks great. I have a weird thing for piercings too. It's hard to explain. I'm sure my family thinks I'm on the odd side but that is a-ok because it's me.

Cortnie said...

I used to have mine gauged, and I'm doing it again too. I'm only at like... 6. haha. Have any tips?