Some of the pets...

We've been having a discussion lately about what to name a couple of the fish I have. I've been having a discussion with myself about what to name some of the fish lately. Ryan helped me out and we decided to call the puffer Nelson.

Say hi Nelson:


Have you ever seen a fish smile? This fish smiles. A lot.


The Lionfish? We decided to call him Biff. He's a bully and a pig when it comes to eating. Biff fits this guy:


And outside of the aquarium we all know who rules the world. Saul. If Saul were a fish, he would be a Unicorn Dragonfish, the most powerful and mystical creature of the sea. Thankfully he lives outside of the water and He's just a Jack Russell Terrier.


6 waggish utterances thus far...:

Bitty said...

love the site!
Nelson looks even friendlier than Nemo!

Helen Ann said...

You gotsta put that first pic of Nelson on Capture Cincinnati. He's such an intriguing little guy!

Jenny said...

O.k., I love the fish, but Saul is a stinkin' twin of our JRT, Penny. He has a little more black mixed in his snoot than she does, but other than that. . . They even have the same collars!

The Jillybean said...

Ok, found you through your guest post on Pioneer Woman. I love your site and your humor! And that is the CRAZIEST looking fish I have ever seen. Of course in Hick Town we don't see a lot of unusual things...well, other than people.

Valarie said...

I was wondering exactly what kind of fish that first one was. We saw one when we were down in PCB, FL last week. (In a fish tank at a restaurant) Can it swim sideways? The one down there could. Love your site by the way.

Ryan Detzel said...

Hey Valarie...he's a porcupine puffer. Yes, he can indeed swim sideways and acts like a dog most of the time.