Meaner Greener Cleaner...

Okay so typically "green" cleansers AKA "environmentally friendly" cleansers are pretty weak. They just don't do the job the good ole' chemicals do. You can make up a really strong mixture of vinegar and water, but the trouble is it stinks...and there's not much that will cover the stinky vinegar smell. But this will:


Add equal parts white vinegar and water in a spray bottle. Get yourself some Lavender essential oil and drop in as many drops as you need for it to smell pretty. I used about 20 drops because I love to over-do things. It smells awesome and it cleans glass, counter tops, cutting boards, etc.. with the quickness. This stuff works's cheap over the long run, and it makes your house smell good when you've got a couple of stinky poop-smelling dogs.

The essential oil is super strong stuff and it should last you a's not cheap for a little bottle, but it goes a long way. This one cost me around $8 at Whole Foods today.

Realizing fully that I'm dangerously close to having my man-card turned in, I'm also attaching a photo of me with a massive black eye from Dodgeball. This is to remind you that I have boy parts and I'm no sissy.


Enough of this blogging...I've got to get back to more important things like pushing back my cuticles. They've really looked awful lately.

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taiyyaba said...

will any essential oil work, do you think? i've got some pear and tea rose.

Ryan Detzel said...

I would think so...just try it out and see. We're really just trying to cover up the vinegar smell.

Helen Ann said...

Murphy's Oil Soap works great and smells good for a long time! :) Dont know how "green" it is, but I love the stuff.

I'll give this essential oil thing a try though...

Ryan Allen Doan said...

even with that picture, you're still a wuss.

Anonymous said...

I was just talking with my sis about you, and that after I saw your wild profile pic on PW I checked out your blog. I have been stalking your blog about everyday now since you posted it way back when. I love your blog and I am greatful for how Christ is able to use you and you are not afraid to be you!!!!

I wept at your post about the baptisms, when I told my sis about your post it brought back memories for her and how her family did that!!! Never to be forgotten.

Now, on to stranger things...She just posted about cleaners and trying diff things and ways of I pop back on to see if you posted today and you have the picture I told her about and you are talking cleaners!!! Funny---so I just had to comment.

BTW-the post of the little men in the garden are missing...that one creeped me out but I really do get you and your wit...(never got those little men in the first place-then to find out what they are really doing there I see why they made me question them in the first place...tee hee

thanks for posting about you and your life and how people know Christ through you. Love the picts, food, love of Christ, how real you are to those of us who don't fit in with alot of the people we are around everyday.

Hope you don't mind I go on and on, just thought I would finally comment after stalking for a long time... great to see you are the first guest cook at PW with your old family fav food!!! I get you!!!

Kim Clark

Anonymous said...

that was a hilarious post!!! My friend just forwarded your blog to me, your one cool guy. Do you give lesson, my hubby could learn something from you!!:-)