Gettin' Back In It...

This is a photograph I took when I was 18. I was good at photography then. Not that I'm bad now, but I certainly had a more keen technical grasp on the skill. I've still got an eye for composition, but now I'm reacquiring equipment, creativity, and practice.

I was thinking about the reason I got away from photography for several years and it was such a strange pride / approval thing back then. I made the decision to stop photographing mostly because I couldn't bring anything new to photography.

I took what I believed to be a pretty high-quality landscape at one point and I was proud of it. I was going to show this photography in a gallery and everything. It was good. The next week I saw almost an exact replica (only better) in a photography magazine and for some reason I began believing the lie that I had nothing I could bring to photography. I also thrived on the attention that I received and when I wouldn't be praised for something I shot I would feel inadequate.

The truth is though...I'm good at this. I'm not good at much. I can't build anything. I stink at most artistic mediums. I can't draw or even paint by number for that matter. Wish I could sing or play an luck though. But I can take photographs. And if God has gifted me this way I think it's up to me to run with it. So, I'm getting back in it.

So what are you supposed to be doing?

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rob said...

right on! good for you, and good luck (or many blessings, if you don't like the whole luck thing)

I think your work is great, but what do I know.?. I know that God gives us each a talent (or five or ten) to do the most with that we can manage. Who is to say you aren't going to bring something new to the world of photography, you aren't finished yet.
peace brother.

Helen Ann said...

Awesome picture!!!!

You are definitely gifted!

melanie said...

You said,
"The truth is though...I'm good at this. I'm not good at much."

I would agree that you are good at this, but I don't agree that you aren't good at much. You are one of the primary reasons we are here, and I'm sure we aren't the only ones who can say that. You're good at being yourself, however raw that may seem. ("I almost kissed your husband on the lips") That's what makes people feel comfortable enough to laugh around you! You invite others to be a part of your family's life. You're great at opening your home up and throwing a heck of a party. You ARE good at a lot of things!

Tiffanie said...

I was reading your blog (I came here through Pioneer Woman) and saying to myself, WOW! This man can really take a photograph. I am glad you wrote about this. What an encouragement.