A few shots from the trip...

Here was my view from the balcony looking out towards the ocean:

And here was the view from the balcony looking down:

Here's mama and Ava walking through the Appalachicola National park:

Ava likes to slide:

Harrison (my Nephew) likes to swing:

Daddy and Ava coming back from our long trek into the forest (approx. 200 feet):

Attempted Artsy Photo #1:

Attempted Artsy Photo #2:

Attempted Artsy Photo #3 (coffee edition):

Attempted Artsy Photo #4:

Now these next 4 photos...these are my favorite. It drives me crazy when people say...whoa...you have a really good camera when they see a nice photo. They act like the camera does all the work and it's just not true. Proof? These next 4 shots are from Allison with her little purple point-and-shoot Olympus camera. (I bought it for her for our 5 year anniversary last week *grins*)

And the best shot ever...Ava Beans dancing on the beach:

3 waggish utterances thus far...:

DanThoms said...

wow you must have a camera made out of magic and pixie dust to get shots like those.

Helen Ann said...

Glad I'm not the only one who is an artsy shot geek. I LOVE the black and white and color accent settings on my camera.

Kimberly said...

Nice Ryan.