Bodies: The Exhibition...

Allison and I traveled downtown on Friday to see the Bodies Exhibit at the Cincinnati Museum Center. It was simply incredible. There's no other way to say it. Controversy is abounding with this display. Maybe that's what drew me towards it?

$23 per person seemed pretty steep as we waited in seemed inexpensive as we walked towards the exit doors. I cannot begin to describe the experience. It was sobering.

Probably the most sobering part for me was the display of disease. We hear about cancer. We know people with cancer...people who have died from cancer. There's nothing like seeing cancer though.

Huge disclaimers were printed everywhere giving us the opportunity to skip past a tough section of the display. We went in anyway. It was babies of course. All stages of life development.

Never have I seen something so real. Textbooks can only teach us so much. God's unimaginable creativity was shown to me as we studied blood vessels and bones.

So...are you going to go see it?

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Helen Ann said...

I am certain this exhibit is every bit as awe-inspiring as you say. I decided, however, not to support this particular body tour. The company that runs it has admitted that they do not know where these bodies came from (other than they get them from a back alley body plasticizing joint), whose they are or if the people or their families gave permission for their bodies to be displayed in this manner. I followed the information pretty closely to decide if I would see the exhibit. There was a story about it on 20/20 that was enough for me to decide to err on the side of "no, thanks".

There is another similar tour, called "Body worlds" that was the original of this kind and they have written documentation for each of the people displayed in the show. If that one came to town I would be there with bells on!

Glad you guys had a fab time, though!

nancypants said...

Wow. Thanks for sharing this. I think I would have a hard time maintaining my composure at that exhibit. But at the same time... I sort of want to see it.

SimplyDenyse said...

Were going to vegas next week and they have it there, i would really like to see it

Bombastic Bandicoot said...

We visited Body Worlds, the exhibit, when it was in Dallas. It was neat, but not exactly what I expected. I don't know what I expected really, but I must admit, I left there a bit disappointed. Maybe because of the number of people there. Too many, which is usually the case when you go to these types of things.

Just my two-cents!

Happy Sunday!!