A trip through the Amazon...

I've been thinking a lot lately. A lot about what I have. A lot about what I need, and more specifically what I don't need. It would seem I don't need much really.

Looking at a stack of a couple hundred DVDs got me thinking:

I don't NEED these.

How often do I watch these?

Why did I buy all of these DVDs?

I could probably survive without them.

I wonder how much I could get for them.

I wonder what I could do with the money.

So I listed them on Amazon. I listed all of them...and some books. And some video games. And some other stuff. And you know what? It sold! At least a lot of it did. I've made over $500 so far and it's all going to be poured into the Kingdom of God. It's actually been a lot of fun.

What's something that you could do without to provide more wiggle-room for important stuff? In other words, what is something you could sacrifice to provide for others?

4 waggish utterances thus far...:

DanThoms said...

The DVD that I bought from you (I'll pay you later) was well worth the $2. I watched 50 first dates last night and it was still just as good as the first two times that I watched it. I think about your question of what could I do without all of time. Generally I'm just to lazy to sell it all.

Helen Ann said...

I never seem to have much luck selling stuff. When I first began to de-pack-rat myself we had a number of yard sales and the most I ever made was $12 while Denny and Lori raked in hundreds of dollars. I have brought stacks of books to 1/2 Price and they offered me a whoping $20 once. Ah, well...Can't say I didn't try! :)

Dana said...

I actually recently had that same internal conversation...about how much STUFF I have that I don't need in surplus. I mean, my shoes...I should get rid of. I have WAY too many...AND I have like 3 pairs that I rotate. So lame. Glad you made some money. Wonder how much I could get from all of my shoes!

Anonymous said...

Yes, Amazon is AWESOME, isn't it?