Findlay Market...

After locking myself down for about 6 straight hours of administrative work, I needed to remove myself from the home office. I still had a good bit of work ahead of me, but I knew I wasn't going to be very productive if I didn't get some fresh air.

So I headed downtown to see what kind of trouble I could get into. I've been thinking of swinging by Findlay Market recently so I decided to take myself up on the offer.

Outside it was bright and vibrant, but the outside shops and stands were not to be found. I guess they're only out there on the weekends.

Inside was a bit dismal and empty as well...I must be in the wrong place.

Ahh...the middle section...that's where the action is.

My first stop was at the Herbs and Spice and Everything Nice shop. Picked out some excellent stuff for a great price.

They had cool stuff all over the place. It was a nice little photo excursion for me.

I picked up some Spanish Chorizo while I was there. Little did those sausages know they would be made into an amazing Hispanic rice and vegetable dish later. was good.

Does a bear poop in the woods? Of course I picked up some cheese.

I thought this guy was pretty cool. He tasted himself a piece of Pastrami every 3 or 4 slices as he cut them for me.

One of the coolest things was the sign I saw on a ghetto street near the market. It speaks volumes for/to our city.

3 waggish utterances thus far...:

Ryan Allen Doan said...

Reminds me of Granville Island. Did you get to go there?

carrie doan said...

yet another one of my anticipated future hopes - fresh markets :)

this just got me excited for grocery adventures that lie ahead...

briana said...

I think your photography is fabulous.