And the winner is...


Jenny's entry of the word foofaraw makes me laugh every time I say it. It's even more fun to say backwards...warafoof!! Yes, I'm easily amused. Keep an eye on your email for an gift certificate. Nice work!

Honorable mention has to go to Melanie for her uninhibited determination to sway my decision. You'll be getting the runner-up prize for your word gongoozler...I'm not quite sure what that prize is'll be a surprise. Wipe off your nose you suck-up. Thanks for all your compliments!

Thanks to everyone for your participation! It was fun and well worth $50 for my amusement!

5 waggish utterances thus far...:

Jenny said...

Thanks Ryan! It was kind of like playing the game Apples to Apples. I found a bunch of great words, but when I found foofaraw I laughed picturing you using it in a sentence. I actually pictured you using it for somebody special, but I won't say who it is. :) Thanks for the game (and the prize)-it was fun!

Ryan Detzel said...

Your welcome Jenny! It was fun and let me know if you have any problem with the gift certificate.

Apples to apples is a good game.

Karen said...

Aww, see what happens when I don't hit the net on the weekends because my house chores get in the way? Man, I HATE it when that happens.

Not that I would have come up with a contenda' for the contest.

I wanted to write to thank you for making me take a second look at Alton Brown via his "here for the food" book - I loved him from the moment I tried his broiled brined shrimp - MMMMM - but sometimes his quirkiness really gets to me, so I don't watch him on the telly as much as I used to.

AND THANK YOU for convincing me that I needed a GOOD knife - I went for the less expensive 7" Santuko from Henkels, but I think I am loving it as much as I would have the Shun.

And speaking of must have kitchen items, since I am being held captive by the Formica countertops in my kitchen, I HAD to splurge and get a Boos Block. I don't know HOW I managed without one all these years!


Karen in DE

melanie said...

Happy Dance, Happy Dance!!!
We're so honored by the honorable mention!!!! And although it pains me to say it, Jenny's word was the best. I even used it in general conversation several times today.
And see, sucking up DOES take you places :)

Helen Ann said...

Harumph...Personally I think this is a bunch of oxen sheis! (you'll need your German dictionary for THAT ONE!).

J/K! Congrats, Jenny and Melanie!

This was fun...Bring on more contests! :)