File Under Randomness...

That girl is wearing socks with Fonzie on them.

A barrage of thoughts are flooding my mind this morning. Tuesday has been the day I've called my "off day" for a while now. I'm a little off everyday, but Tuesday is the day I try to stay away from doing work. It's not working. Wednesday is a deadline day for a lot of stuff I do. I think I'll change my off day to Friday...we'll see if that works.

* I'm speaking at Vineyard Westside again this coming Sunday.

* I'm reading a book called Traveling Mercies by Anne Lamott. It's informal and magnificent.

* Nathan, Eric, and I went to White Castle on Sunday night against our own advice. We spent yesterday text messaging different ways the mini-burgers had ravaged our bodies.

* I would kill for my own Espresso machine right now. And a decent coffee grinder.

* 8 of us ransacked a couple of rooms in my house last night. We transferred a ton of stuff into my attic upstairs to get started on creating an apartment on the side of my house. We also had beef tenderloin and ice was a good night.

* Siamese Racing is pretty flipping sweet.

* You should add your vote to the poll on the left of your screen...yeah, right there at the top.

3 waggish utterances thus far...:

Steve said...

I had a suit just like that. I was big pimpin' before my time.

DanThoms said...

You my friend have more stuff than me and that is quite the feat. The food was fantastic and I love that girls socks.

April said...

I followed you from your comment at PW. Hilarious.

Traveling Mercies saved my life when I was in seminary. Real faith in all its non-glorious messiness. So freeing.

I've enjoyed poking around your blog. Have a merry Christmas!