Someone shot my dog...

...seriously they did.

I came home yesterday and as I pulled up the driveway I noticed Saul limping pretty badly. I hopped out of the car and started freaking out a little because there was blood all over his front shoulder and leg.

I scooped up my little buddy and took him inside the house to examine him. I could see clearly that there was a small hole above the bloody hair clump. As I gently felt around the wound I could feel a small round ball inside his skin. I knew immediately that someone had shot him with a BB gun. I was able to carefully coax out the BB from under Saul's skin and let him know that he was okay and that he was a good boy.

Ava has been unplugging things like crazy lately. Apparently she unplugged the dog's invisible fence and they were running around the neighborhood for a little while when I was out. I suppose someone didn't appreciate the dogs running around in their yard.

Can I ask you what the crap someone is thinking that they just shoot somebody's dog?

Allison made a police report just in case we needed it for something in the future. I am less mad about it than I am disappointed in the humanity of my neighborhood. What the crap?

Saul is doing much better today. He's still limping but, I think he's going to be fine.

What would you have done?

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Jenny said...

Poor Saul Ball. There are all kinds of testimonies about God healing pets out here. Here's one for you. This lady down where I mentor had a dog that jumped out of the back of her friend's truck when it was going 50 mph. The dog shattered both hips and its pelvis. Surgery was going to cost thousands of dollars so she took the dog home and began to pray. Within 3 days the dog was up moving around, which it previously could not do. Within a week the dog was running! God is good. :)

Light Bright said...

I'da hunted down the bastage and kicked him in the mewf!

J/K...I think you did the best you could do with the situation...If you knew who it was you could have pressed charges...But that's about all...It is disappointing. But I am glad that he is OK and that you were able to get the bb out.

God loves all of his creatures and I think he has a special place in His heart for Jack Russells named Saul or Sketch!


Dan said...

As everyone knows, I'm no big fan of dogs. What kind of person would shoot their neighbors dog though. Thats just wrong.

Ryan Allen Doan said...

I'm gonna find that poopy but when I get back. You can count on it.

Steve said...

My first reaction was anger, I wanted to go kick someone's tail for that. I still want to, but instead I'll find something more positive to channel that. Anyone up for a dog park outreach?

Light Bright said...

Yeah! A Dog Park Outreach fits the bill! Satan does something nasty and we love people (and fuzzies) in return...Woohooo!

Anonymous said...

Your dog is your fucking problem and not your neighborhood's. either take care of it or it deserves to be shot to teach you a goddamn lesson.