No more stumbling...

...ha...yeah right.

Well at least there will be no more stumbling via the stumbleupon bar at the top of my web browser. I got rid of that thing.

If I told you that you should get one (a stumble bar) then I take it back. Do not get one.

A stumbleupon bar basically gives us constantly bored people something to do when we have 2 spare seconds without gratification. You hit the "stumble" button and it brings up a random web page (video, image, blog, news story, etc...) that it has determined as "relevant" to you.

It tries to show you things that it thinks you'll like.

Problem works. It shows me things that I do like in a sense...but they are things that I shouldn't be looking at. Not if I want to have sexual purity that is.

I'm about 90% of the way through this battle...that last 10% is the hardest.

You could say...I need to stumble less. Athankyou.

1 waggish utterances thus far...:

Light Bright said...

Proud of you for turning off the stumble bar. It seems it was living up to its name! I have that bar as well but I rarely use it. I will remove it just because it was messing with you!

Way to go!!!

You rock!