"That" is a she...

I've been sitting with a random friend multiple times when a girl walks by and had my random friend ask the question, "How do you rate that?"

As this random friend comes up with some type of a numerical value for various parts of her anatomy I am struck by the thought that we as humans have something very wrong with us.

"How do you rate that?"

"I want a piece of that."

"Take a look at that."

"Would you hit that?"

I haven't dealt with random friends asking me questions like this as often in the past couple of years but, that's just because of the job title I have. When someone knows your a pastor they begin lying to you...not always, not all people, but many do.

Someone who pays attention to whats going on around them for ten minutes will recognize what I'm talking about...especially guys but, ladies aren't innocent either.

The problem with this is - "that" is actually a she. She has feelings, and she is a human being. She's been through things and she's going through stuff right now. She has value...more than just numerical value given to her by some moron. She is more than anatomical. She is more than a "that". She matters to someone. She matters to God and in turn she should matter to us.

"That" is a she.

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