Back in the Nati...

We are officially back in Cincinnati. Our team was challenged in big ways at Catalyst 08' and I don't think we'll soon forget our experience. In short, our faces were melted off repeatedly by amazing business and church leaders. Each time I scraped my facial remnants off the ground and put back on my skull, my face pooled below me once again.

As I'm sure each person from our team got something different out of the Catalyst experience, for me, I'll need some time to figure out what it all means. I wish I could explain better, but for now...

I simply know this:

I have been called to do great things in this world. Just how great is yet to be determined. I have also been called to call others into doing great things in this world. So look out.

Here are some shots from our time in the ATL:

First day // 5am



Over 12,000 leaders


Met up with a bunch of other bloggers





Catalyst Day 2

That would be an elephant



Wanna see the big one? <---click

Fun time if you ask me.

Sometimes a little too fun.<---click

15 waggish utterances thus far...:

Kimberly said...

It all sounds confusing. The pix are interesting looking. I'm glad to know that you're called to do God's work. Praise God.

Anne Jackson said...

nice pics. sorry about the whole waitress thing...

Jenny said...

Looks like a good time was had by all, indeed.


The Bonz said...

I was there! We brought a team of 10 people from the Vancouver, BC Canada area and just got home again late last night.

Catalyst was Amazing. Challenging. Inspiring.

— Bonz

julie s. said...

ryan! one of my really good friend's kid performed there. i'm not sure if he did a mainstage thing or a smaller thing. he stepped. which, i guess is body percussion. from what i hear he's pretty amazing. did you witness anyone doing anything like that?:) you know i used to live in hotlanta.... said...

Very cool.

Never hesitate to do what you write here:

"Call others into doing great things..."

You seem to have that gift. So does Tim. The Westside is being blessed.

Jen said...

Did everyone try and ignore the elephant in the room? Looks like it would have been awesome though.. You are so lucky to have so many things like that available to you. Australia is the sticks, I tell you. No one comes here.

Scott Fillmer said...

Great set of pics, I think we actually met at the blogger meetup, for some reason your blog just isn't ringing a bell with me. Love the wide angle shots, looks like you were using a 14 to 18mm or something close to a fisheye lens, cool stuff.

I really enjoyed the whole two days, felt very blessed by being there, glad I was able to come out to the blogger meetup. Scott

Scott Fillmer said...

Sorry, I remembered your blog the second I posted the last comment, just had to read the reverb. That's one thing that makes those conferences so great is how many people you get to meet, great blog, have added to my reader. -S

Auntie Em said...

Those photos are AMAZING! I look forward to your challenges to greatness! May we all be found worthy of the call.

Sonja Chandler said...

Love reading your blog.
It is interesting (as you say you are always trying to be) and so glad you got to go and be interested. :)
Looks like you had fun.

Sonja C.

Sonja Chandler said...

Oh and your pics are really great!

Sonja C.

Anonymous said...

great pictures Ryan, thanks for sharing. It was great to meet you Thursday night, and I look forward to reading your blog!

Todd and Randi said...

I can only imagine what an amazing weekend it was. I used to live in Atlanta and went to Andy Stanley's church. Oh, how I miss that church.

Aaron Foster said...

Love the shot of Bj, Cherith, and Jason!