Today is a day of sevens. And lists. And random amazingness.

Here are 7 signs you're living as Royalty in the Kingdom of God:

* You don't think TOO highly of yourself.
* You're no longer afraid of the PRIDE MONSTER.
* You recognize that PRAYERLESSNESS if the ultimate form of pride.
* You know how to HONOR others.
* You will DEFEND the decrees of the King.
* You're no longer afraid of DEATH.
* You live out of EXCESS rather than absence.

--->Click here to listen to the teaching podcast on Royalty Part 2<---

Royalty Part 1 can be found ---->HERE.

Here are 7 random photographs for your ocular nutrition:

Sauvignon Blanc

Who says you can't have a sister that's 24 years younger than you?

Ryan and Nathan

Downtown Cincinnati library fountain

Torn shirt on barbed wire

Set rehearsal @ the theater church

Flipping the chillens in Honduras

Here are 7 facts about me that you may not care about:

* I skipped high school so often that I had to go to truancy court...twice.

* My mother was born in Georgia and orphaned in Ohio.

* I ran away from home when I was in 3rd grade only to be located by my dad a mile from our trailer. My dad punished me by going to the store and picking up my favorite G&W mini-pizzas and repeatedly telling me that he loved me.

* I was robbed by my sister and several other horribly addicted crack-addicts on my 22nd birthday.

* I was given a permission slip to wear a baseball hat to school the day after my mom gave me the worst haircut of my entire life. She had just started beauty school and later dropped out due to terrible haircut-givery.

* I was enrolled into a before-school program called Rainbows in 4th grade. It was to help kids cope with tough situations such as death, divorce, sexual abuse, etc.. - I pulled off the "smile and nod" technique for months due to the free donuts and orange juice.

* I once pooped my pants and tried to convince my dad that I had fallen down a hill and somehow had dog feces slide up my shorts.


Here are my 7 favorite Food Network personalities (in order):

* Alton Brown of Good Eats/Iron Chef America/Feasting on Asphalt//Waves
* Geof Manthorne of Ace of Cakes
* Alex Guarnaschelli of a bunch of crap including a new show The Cooking Loft
* Anthony Bordain of getting paid large sums of money to be a jerk.
* Zane Lamprey of Have fork will travel.
* Michael Symon of Iron Chef America & Dinner: Impossible.
* Cat Cora of Iron Chef America

Post your own blog today having something to do with the SEVENs theme and input your information into the Mister Linky's box below...c'mon. It'll be fun.

26 waggish utterances thus far...:

Krista said...

I'm still giggling on the inside over your comment about pooping your pants and dog feces. Seriously, that's creative.

Weeksie50 said...

You are to funny..


Kaci said...

That's hilarious and I love all your pictures!! They are great!

Holly said...

This is awesome. Did the linky thing and the seven post thing, although not as thoroughly as you!

Danibee said...

I cheated and did 7 wordless wednesdays. I'm tired.

Jessica said...

I love Alton Brown too!! Unfortunatley we dont have cable right now, food network :(

Debbie said...

You are hilarious and I thank you as I really needed a laugh this morning!

SondreLyn said...

Great Fun!

TERI said...

Wow! Love your statement that "Prayerlessness is the ultimate form of pride!" Don't you like Guy Fieri? Not in your top 7?

Erin said...

That was fun. Thanks for the post inspiration today! I did one as well. And I'm surprised that you don't have Guy Fieri, Ina Garten, or Paula Deen on your list! Perhaps Rachael Ray and Giada are overdone.

Annie said...

Your running away story made me think hard. I can understand your dad's relief at finding you, wanting you to know how glad he was, but clearly that's not the message he sent to you...

Snow said...

I don't have my very own blog but I will list my seven favorite blogs in alphabetical order:

1. Confessions of a Pioneer Woman
2. Creed Thoughts
3. freshness factor five thousand
4. Little Miss Know It All
5. OfficeTally
6. Things I Bought That I Love
7. this is reverb

Bitty said...

ocular nutrition.
what a great phrase.

Anonymous said...

i don't think i've commented before, so i'm officially out of lurkerdom :)

love your blog. :)

Ryan Detzel said...

Rick Astley for the win!!

Fatt Daddy said...

I seriously enjoy your blog and look forward to reading it daily.
My wife introduced me to it from Pioneer Woman. She knew I would like it as I'm a VLI grad and we attend a Vineyard Church in STL. I've even considered emailing you as an objective voice :)

BFOP said...

Ha! This is fun. Great idea, Ryan.

Smoochies said...

Thanks for the idea, I was waiting for one of these "tell me about yourself" posts that wasn't cheesy.

Auntie Em said...

I just wanted to tell you I love your transparency and obvious faith. Thanks for putting it out there for all of us to see, poopy pants and all. You're all kinds of inspiring and stuff.

Cheri said...

That fountain is amazing! I'm coming to Cincy in October and plan to go see it! Anything else I should see?

Gina said...

I love me some Alton. Nigella is my close second. Thank you for being real.

miss shannon said...

you are tooooo funny Ryan... and great photos :D... have a blessed day :D

Kool Aid said...

This was harder than I thought but thanks for the challenge!

WeezyDoss said...

I laughed so hard my dog woke up when I read your feces story. Kudos for honesty and originality!

Nick Detzel said...

MMM HMM... truancy court. First I've heard. You must tell me about it. I'll bring the margaritas and get to the truth!
Love ya,
The Dad

Ryan Detzel said...

Are you going crazy old man? You took me there! Don't you remember them flipping through the list of days I missed and looking at me like you were going to strangle?