Olympics Obsession...


I'm somewhat addicted to the Olympics. Whenever the Olympics are taking place, summer or winter, I feel a little bit more complete. I'm not sure what it is really. I know for one thing; it makes me think about how much I love my country.

There is so much intensity, passion, skill, and risk involved that it's hard not to watch. I've probably spent more time in front of the TV in the past week than I have in the last 2 months combined. Part of the reason is that we attach ourselves to certain athletes.


As much as I don't want to love Michael Phelps...you know...because everyone loves him and I feel the need to be different...I still do in fact love him. Well, maybe not love. It's more of a feeling like I want to make a metal cast of his body, melt myself down and pour myself into his cast. I've got a serious man-crush on this dude. Now while I don't want to sleep with him...I do appreciate the powerhouse that he is. What a dedicated swimming monster.

And then Shawn Johnson. Shawn is my girl.


These two should definitely get married and create some sort of insane Olympic super-baby.


Waddaya think?


Oh yeah...Ava wanted me to tell you that she's all better.


13 waggish utterances thus far...:

Erin said...

Not sure why, but I like watching the Winter Olympics more. But I still watch the Summer!

Glad she's feeling better.

Debbie said...

I really like Shawn Johnson too. There was an article on her and her Mom in the latest Guidepost magazine.

So glad cutie pie Ava is feeling better!

T5M said...

MP is definitely THE MAN. But I do get the sense that he may've been teased in high school...just maybe...

...The lisp, the jaw, the ears, his lanky freakish body...too much for adolescence.

I love that he's so imperfectly perfect! Kind of like us in a way: imperfect, but made perfect through Christ. MP is imperfect, made perfect through the sport of olympic swimming.

Imperfectly perfect! I love it!

Helen Ann said...

Haven't tuned in this year...I usually like to watch the gymnastics. I keep forgetting they are on! That Phelps guy's abs are rather easy on the eyes. And he has a very charming face.

I am glad Ava is all better!!

DanThoms said...

I think I was just about to right a blog and then I read that you wrote one ha ha ha. I strangely enjoy the Olympics.

Karen said...

Yea! Ava!

pam said...

Ok how is I want to have Michael Phelps's baby and Shawns too? I find myself goin Oh there's my girl or Oh there's my boy! And I NEVER watch tv. Must be the pride in our country.

kimmyk said...

i love watching MP's enthusiasm..it's addicting.

i was kind of put off by his cap with the M on it and all, (being a buckeye myself) but...i can forgive him this one minor setback i guess.

i'm glad that your sweets is all better.

having sickly sweets is so not fun.

DanThoms said...

ok, from now one I'm going to double check my comments for spelling errors and to make sure that what I write makes sense, ak.

lizzytro said...

so you would get either a really tall gymnast or a really short swimmer...sounds like the el camino of Olympians if you ask me.

kris said...

Another Olympic junkie here...Love Michael, he's da bomb, and our girls were awesome. I'm so tired staying up late every night.. yawn...Glad Ava baby is better, hugs for all of you!

Sarah VM said...

Very happy to hear she is better!

Brea said...

Lurker here ... and I agree. I don't want to like Phelps, but I just can't help myself! He's so tall! And fast! And yet, he kind of looks like a giant, fast little kid! Maybe it's the whole maternal instinct thing?

Glad your darlin' is doing better. We've been through a slightly less severe case of that this weekend with our daughter ... and the kids and I were out of town. When my oldest two were littler, they came down with the stomach flu at the same time, and my son ended up in the hospital. Keep that girl on PediaPops, a parent's best friend! Hope you and your wife don't get sick, too.

Love your blog. It just makes me happy; there's not that many blogs I read from people the same age as moi.

~Brea in Texas