10 things for today...

1. I like to use blank CDs as coasters for my coffee mug in the morning.

2. The biggest damper you can put on the progress of a relationship is to be judgmental.

3. I'm convinced that some sort of fairies or trolls come in and beat me with sticks while I sleep. I'm sore all over when I wake up.

4. If you just try to go with the rest of the crowd and blend in, you'll never have an identity of your own. Knowing who we are and who we aren't is crucial.

5. Flowers, cooking, candles, and shopping are so appealing to me that I have to question my own sexuality every now and again. The tremendous attraction I have towards my sexy wife always re-affirms that I've made the right lifestyle choice though.

6. Insane people try the same thing over and over expecting a different result. Change something.

7. If you're thinking of killing both of your dogs, as I am, take a deep breath and try not to focus on the fact that they dug up your new LimeLight Hydrangea and peed into your daughters lego table.

8. Do whatever you must to get away for as long as you need to come back (recharged) and accomplish what you have to get done.

9. The poached egg is the single greatest food item on the planet earth. I'm not sure what they have on other planets though.

10. Be real with yourself and with others...you both deserve it.

14 waggish utterances thus far...:

Erin said...

My husband takes those pesky AOL cd's you get in the mail and pops them in the microwave for a few seconds then uses those for coasters. It makes them have a neat crackled look.

Anyway, loving more and more that I started reading your blog, such a great and fun perspective. A good way to start my morning. Besides coffee of course.

Thank you.

JT said...

Found your blog on PW. I am really diggin' it. Keep up the good work.

Joe said...

#2 is a quotable.

Yes, the poached egg is delightful.

Did I just say, "delightful"?

Natalie said...


Not Too Old said...

I cannot begin to tell you how badly I needed to read/hear #8. Keep it up, I really enjoy your blog.

Jen T. said...

New mattress! I was achy for about a year when I woke up and we got a new mattress when someone suggested that might be why (our old one was approaching 10 years old). We got a new one and I sleep now. WELL worth the money to wake up rested.

T5M said...

They're trolls, I know because they come to my house as well. They beat both me and my husband, but they seem to leave the kids alone.

Fairies are actually nice, they leave treats in exchange for teeth.

Laurie said...

About #2... You see #2 is difficult to do (and no I don't need a laxative). But as a wise person once said "When you point a finger at someone else you have three more pointing back at yourself.

#4 Rocks as well. It's something that I agree with. Having your own identity is groovy.

You might want to put a few guidelines on #8. Otherwise homicidal maniacs will no longer say that the voices in their heads told them to do but that some dude called Reverb did.

#9, have you taught us how to poach an egg yet? I mean did I miss it? I've cooked them that way before but I'm always interested in someone else's approach to it.

As far as #10... When you tell people you are crazy they don't always have positive responses.

Cheryl said...

I really enjoy your blog, i am so glad I found it! via Pioneer Woman! You are a very interesting dude for being so young :)

DanThoms said...

1. I use blue-ray disks because I'm rich.
2. Thats dumb.
3. Maybe you should check your wife's knuckles for bruising. It could be her.
4. You'll never blend in if those holes in your ears keep getting bigger.
5. I do like candles and your cooking. Not so much my cooking.
6. true, true, true, true, true
7. Maybe you can put your dogs on Mondays menu. Mmmmmmm Saul burger.
8. All it takes is a nap for me.
9. I like my eggs with bacon. I like everything with bacon. Mmmmm a Saul burger with bacon.
10. oh snap, I couldn't think of anything to say for 10

kimmyk said...

I was right there with ya til I got to the poached egg.

Gotta draw the line somewhere.

screamingATtheWALL said...

i just started reading your blog, and i just want to say thank you. throughout my life i've had a strange relationship with God, and the general public (that strange relationship being, well, nonexistant). thank you for your sam's club story, it shows that not all people olut there are horrible and judgemental, (though i'm not the woman in the story and also bear no resembelance to her). you have actually restored my faith in God and humankind today.

maine626 said...

i love that list & love poached eggs. have you tried this yet??


oh you must! they are amazing liitle things. you get a two because who can eat just one poached egg? no one i tell ya! anyway...try it. I bought 10 sets and gave them out at the holidays. love 'em!!

somebirdsarelikethat said...

#8 is so incredibly true. I was "away" from my job as a teacher and "real" life for 2 months this summer and have come home refreshed like I can't believe.

Found you through pw too. . .glad to meet you.