The Dark Knight...


I've seen The Dark Knight in the theater twice now. I'm not sure I've ever seen a movie in the theater twice, and you know what? If someone offered to go with me again this week I would probably take them up on it. This movie was amazing. Now while I'm not going to raise it up to the status that some comic dweebs are by saying it was the single greatest movie of all time, I will admit that it's the best Batman movie...including the original, and it's certainly the greatest of all superhero/anti-hero movies.

I think one of the reasons this movie was so good for me was that it had significant spiritual overtones. People can see what they want to see, and maybe that's all I'm doing...but for me it would be extremely difficult not to see some heavy themes centered around spiritual warfare.

Much of the film's message was that of the fact that you're only in danger when you become dangerous. No one cares about a guy who is safe and nonthreatening. When that man begins to do good, and push darkness back...well that's another story. Batman is a major threat to the evil in this movie and therefore the evil wants to punish him in any way possible. Anything less than that wouldn't make sense.

And the evil is darker than it's ever been:


While much of the mystique has been added by the awful death of Heath Ledger in real life, it wasn't the reason his performance was so amazing. This character was spot on to the menace the Joker was always meant to be. Sorry've got nothing on this guy. It was as if a masterful piece of music was created and for years and years it's been played in the wrong key. This Joker was played in the right key.

I realize it matters not what I say, but I say...go see this movie.

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Chris said...

Saw it last night. Incredible.

No two ways about it.

Weather Moose

Dani said...

I agree whole-heartedly! I take real issue when they sensationalize a celebrity death, and I went in ready to criticize Ledger's performance.

But MAN! I was practically wedging furniture up against my front door after seeing this. Nicholson was comedic, fantastical. Ledger? Scary and in this world, TOTALLY PLAUSIBLE!

*yipes* I'm scared again!

Ryan Allen Doan said...

i wanna see it again.

Tiffanie said...

Cool, I was considering going this weekend. Thanks for the encouragement.

julie strasser said...

can i link you on my blog? i know lots of other stalkers who would love to read your blog, never comment and feel like they know you personally:).

let me know!:)

Carly said...

I loved your thoughts on this movie so I shared them with my hubby (he's seen the movie, I haven't) and he agreed whole heartedly.

Nice to meet you.

Debra Greenwood said...

I too found that this movie was raging with the daily fight betwen good and evil. While we (husband, 50, and myself, 47,) were at the theater, many people laughed during some parts of the movie. Neither my husband or I laughed. I found nothing comical about this movie at all. That being said, I loved it (the movie) and your blog is going to the favorites in my Google Reader.

Amanda said...

I heard that there were Spiritual undertones to this film, but that there was alos an extremely high body count and lots of foul language.
My question to you is, is the slight appearance of a good vs. evil fight worth putting Him through a movie that defiles the very thing that He dies for?
Everywhere you go and everything you see....He sees. He goes with you.
So when you sit in a theater and watch movies where body parts are blown up and men slaughtered...I imagine Jesus saying, "Those are my precious children being slain for your entertainment. I died on the cross for them."
Is it really worth it to go and see PG-13 and R rated movies?
Just a thoughts.
God bless-