1.having one's identity concealed, as under an assumed name, esp. to avoid notice or formal attentions.

Some will always say, "Pics or it didn't happen." happened. Ryan Doan is working at Starbucks and even though he has requested to work only during the day...they scheduled him for Friday and Saturday night from 7pm to 12:30am. This kind of injustice will often result in an incognito adventure.

Allison and I have gone incognito on many occasions. The basic idea is that you show up somewhere in public with disguises on. Trying to keep a straight face is a personal goal of mine. The payoff is when someone you know sees you dressed incognito. Priceless I tell ya.

Allison, Carrie, Ava, and I traveled incognito on Saturday evening at approximately 10:32pm. The photos tell the story.

Where there is no party...bring the party.

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Helen Ann said...


Allison said...

That was fun...its a tradition that goes way back in my family. Me and my cousins all have our favorite incognito stories, from my parents taking us out places dressed up. One time I did refuse, but I was 16...I was so upset that I think it made it more fun for the rest of my family :)

Jeromy said...

Does this mean that there is a sign that says "Your Barista today is Ryan Doan."

melanie said...

to avoid notice or formal attentions
I have so many comments, I may run out of room. Is that possible?
- If incognito is 'to avoid notice or formal attentions', I think this cannot possibly be incognito with that attire.
- please, oh please tell me that is a wig on Carrie.
- Your shoes???? What the...I laughed my head off when I caught the corner of your shoe on the picture. They freakin' match your old lady/aviator scarf!
-you said keeping a straight face was a goal? How long can you keep that and can anyone else around you keep a straight face?
-of course it is a tradition in Allison's family. Her mom is cool mom.
Purely hysterical and something I may have to try.

DanThoms said...

oh my gosh, you guys crack me up, so bizarre.

ps. on my way home, I was approaching a sharp bend in the road and though to myself, "I should break and slide around the corner" and then I was like "no you dummy your not playing Mario Cart your in a real car."

Tracy said...

Take me with you next time? I am always up for an adventure....especially one that involves such trickery!

Kimberly said...

A girl from one of my former youth groups does what she calls CosPlaying... Her and some of her friends dress up in anime costumes and go into public places. She has some pix posted on her myspace. She cracks me up. She's now a student in college. It will probably continue for quite a while.

Michelle said...

That's funny, but my OCD self says why wasn't your child in bed at 10:32 pm?