Roses and Thorns...

I've got a sweet looking rose bush outside my kitchen window and it always reminds me of a question we ask in my men's group.

We go around the circle and ask each guy to share about a "Rose", which would be something good going on in their lives. And then we ask about the "Thorns", which would of course be the bad stuff going on.

It's always been good to ask our guys both. It forces us to find the good that's happening in the midst of the crappy stuff, and also helps us to think of the "room for improvement" or bad areas when everything seems to be going peachy.

Care to share a rose and thorn?

3 waggish utterances thus far...:

Jenny said...

I remember that tradition.

Thorn: Every job I've applied for doesn't want me. It's a blow to the self-esteem and frustrating.

Rose: Won't have to worry about asking off for the weekend I'll be in Tennessee and it will allow me to ease back into things when I get home.

Guitarist.J said...

Thorn: My birthday party is taking forever to get here

Rose:My camera came

Holly said...

The rose: I stumbled on your blog...I am not really even sure how I got here! Anyway, I have been reading for a couple of months and just wanted to say that I just finshed the book, "The Shack" which I read because of your recommendation. It is one of the most remarkable things I have read in a long time. I am about email all of my friends about it!

Thanks for posting about it!

The thorn: I am ignoring thorns today. They just don't fit in my schedule. :)