When pigs fly...

My wife Allison has totally impressed me.

She left the house yesterday around 5am to run the Flying Pig Half Marathon. Her and Carrie have been training and so have "the Amy(s)". They committed themselves to running long distances at least a couple times a week for the last few months...it's hard for me to wrap my mind around. I'm not a runner as I've mentioned before.

Ryan and I took Ava downtown to see the girls running in the Pig. She was anxiously awaiting her mama:

As we waited around the 11-mile mark, there were no breaks in the human chain. I have no idea how many people ran this thing, but there were at least a thousand determined faces that crossed our path in just a short time.

Carrie snuck up on us and passed before we could even yell anything encouraging:

I'm pretty sure the most she heard from us was, "Oh hey - whoa! Hey!"

And then there was Allison:

I was so proud to see her still running with the pack so close to the finish.

At least with Allison, we blurted out something remotely encouraging. She was doing great. And before I knew it she was already passing us. Ava did not like that. I guess it was slightly traumatizing for a 21 month old to see her mom for the first time that day, glimpse her for just a second, and then have her run right by. Horizontal tears were spraying from her at that point. No worries however. Two peanut butter cookies fixed everything.

5 waggish utterances thus far...:

Helen Ann said...

I'm with Ava - give me peanut butter cookies and almost anything is tol'able!

melanie said...

I love to hear a husband brag on his wife.
Allison, I am so impressed ~ way to go! Most of all, I loved the smile on your face!

DanThoms said...

wow, it makes me tired just thinking about running a marathon, impressive.

Tracy said...

I agree with Dan. I went to cheer Allison and Company on. I cheered for an hour as I searched the crowd for Allison's beautiful face. I must say that I had sore arms and hands from just clapping......my clapping marathon, I call it. I could not have been more proud of my baby.

Elaine said...

Your wife is awesome.