Sometimes I'm not good at being me...

Do you ever feel like you aren't the best at being who you are? And this time I'm not talking about being phony. I'm talking about feeling like an imposter in my own skin.

People would call me an extrovert...and I would too, however, when given the opportunity I withdraw and I'm fine to be by myself. This would only be for short stints of course. I always begin to miss my family and I crave community after while. But I don't need it constantly. I can run away from everyone and stay gone for a while...usually what brings me back quickly is the ideas that people are wondering where I am. This feels prideful and yet it usually turns out to be true when I'm thinking it.

I kind of feel like a lone ranger even when I'm in a crowd of people. Like I fit in...but I don't. A sabbath from the good comes to mind. A break from the healthy, not for unhealthy things, but other healthy things seems needed. Solitude and a chance to clear my head are a must for me and I realize it too little and often too late. Hmm.

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carrie doan said...

That "lonely in a crowd" feeling is all-too-familiar to my world. I wonder if God makes it that way to draw us back to him?