The Ideology of Rest...

Staying up late didn't allow me to sleep quickly when I finally arrived at the mattress. As I lie there with my arms folded behind my head, staring at the ceiling, questions began to stir in my mind as they often do.

I wonder what everyone's up to back home?

How can I become a better husband?

What should I work on when I get home?

How can I aid in lives being changed...more lives, faster?

Why do You love me like You do?

Christ and the Kingdom of God are so very different than other mainstays in my your life. As I take a break, a rest, a sabbath from certain things, it's my natural response to want them more. I take a rest from work, and soon I am restored and ready to jump back in. I take a break from people and community at large only to find a renewed desire for them. These are only for a season however, for if I take a long enough desire for a reconnection will soon fade and my wanting will become distant and blurred. Eventually, the gap in my memory is filled in with new thoughts, desires, and relationships. What once was so familiar can become a barely-there impression.

It is not that way with Christ for me. I longed for God before I even knew who He was and any time I choose to run from Him I am pursued as by a Holy Bounty Hunter. The book of Colossians speaks of the mystery that is Christ. The mystery to me is that of all the things I've been into, of all the hobbies, and the fads and ideas I've had...this Christ has not begin to fade. He is not a reminiscence, rather, an existence in my heart and soul.

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Helen Ann said...

I know what you mean...I don't ever remember not knowing Him. And I have never grown tired or bored with Him.

Have a safe journey home! We miss you!

Blog Mary

nancypants said...

Great post Ryan.

Anonymous said...

Aaahahahahahahahaha!! Holy Bounty Hunter?? Fantastic!