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Disclaimer: This post is about church stuff. Sorry non-church readers.

It's Thursday - That means it's time for another round of Creative Chaos at Ragamuffin Soul. Last week we talked about running credit cards through a never know, the shredder might make an appearance in this post too. I'm like that.

We meet in a movie theater. We do not own a church building. We rent the theater every week and we have to set everything up and tear everything down when we leave. We have approximately 5 hours to set up, run two services, and tear down. It completely sucks. It's really helped us get creative in some areas.

One of the opportunities we have is the ability to use other theaters (rooms). We meet in the main theater for our gatherings, but our children's and student's ministries meet in other theaters.

Sometimes we show movies or hold classes in those other theaters. A little while back, we held a Creative Service where people had the opportunity to roam about the cabin and choose where they wanted to go. In our main gathering area, we had a very brief teaching on creativity and there was an artist painting an image behind me. After I sat down, we had poetry readings and scripture readings.

Another option people had was to go to the "Soaking Room" where we had created an environment where you could do more experiential stuff. We had relaxing music playing, an area to write to children in a Kenya church we've partnered with, an area to write out your junk and then run it through the shredder, reading areas, a whiteboard section where you could write out prayer requests know that sort of thing. Very sacred space...lots of candles, incense, colored glass, et cetera.

We also had a video teaching theater set up where people could watch a continuous loop of NOOMA videos. That room was much more popular than I would have imagined.

All in all our creative service turned out to be a huge success. We're hoping to start running creative alternatives to the main gathering in other theaters at all times. I just don't like working 16 hours a day to accomplish everything. That may have to wait until we have some volunteers willing to own it though.

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tunz4jesus said...

Nice, I love the shredder idea.

DanThoms said...

Hey, how come I don't see my name tag on the wall. I wonder if the theater people will ever notice all of the screws and nails that we put in their dirty theater walls.

Jonah said...

Ya, I don't think the theater cleans the theater at all because I went to see a movie there and I perposely left a Sour Patch kid on the ground and it's still there!!!!!!!!