I've made the decision to be a part of a men's missionary group going to Honduras in April. This is a big step for me as I've never done anything like this before. From what I understand thus far, our group of guys will be doing guy-stuff. We'll be doing manual labor and building things. We may get to build a house or we might get to work on existing projects...I suppose I'll find out exactly what we'll be doing when we get there.

What I do know is that Honduras is one of the poorest countries in the western world. They have an outrageous unemployment rate and as with many downtrodden areas, the wealth is very unevenly distributed. We'll be hooked up with an organization called Mercy International from April 3 - April 10th. Mercy International is located in a small village of Central Honduras called Yamaranguila. MI will let us know what we'll be working on and who we'll be working with.

One thing is for sure, we'll be working with "the least of these". I'm excited and I'm nervous at the same time. One of the exciting parts is that I'll be going with a group of amazing men. So far the roster looks like this:

*Dan Thoms
*Ryan Doan
*Matt Pfannenschmidt
*Vince Gramaglia
*Jonah Price
*Jon Price
*Tim Urmston
*Jamison Lyman
*Jim Mandershied
*Ryan Detzel (hey that's me)

This is bound to be an incredible journey. The travel costs and grounds fees will be $1200. I checked my bank account and since I have pretty much zero dollars I had better start trying to raise funds. I need $600 by the middle of February. I'm not too terribly worried about coming up with the cash because it seems like God always provides the green when He wants to get something done. That said, I am a little concerned. All of my friends are poor...or at least they don't come off of the money too easily. We'll see what happens.

If you would like to help me financially you can contact me at detzelpretzel AT gmail.com
I will be your internet slave forever.

I've got to get my passport together as well as a bunch of shots. (Malaria, Hepatitis, Tetanus, Typhoid) This should be an interesting venture. Pray for me.

"I tell you the truth, whatever you have done for the least of these brothers of mine, you have done for Me." - Jesus, Matthew 25:40

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melanie said...

I cannot wait to hear you tell your stories when you come back. And the commoraderie that is developed among guys is an amazing thing to see. And...you get to be with my honey-sweetie, whom, as you told me the first time I met you...you really want to kiss, right on the lips.

carrie doan said...

I remember the first support letter we sent out - very scary and gut-wrenching. But I know God wants you guys to be there, and he will make it happen no question. It will be amazing.

you'll have to keep my hubby from inappropriate behavior and exposure.

carrie doan said...

that is going to be a week of serious man love. Loin cloths maybe? Even some war paint. We should add that to the support letter.

Ryan Allen Doan said...

That's why I married her. Did you see that last comment my wife left. I must confess twas I. Sharing a computer gets a little tricky sometimes.

Jonah said...
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DanThoms said...

Why must I always misschedule my life. I stink, I can't believe I can't go now.