For those in need of a fix... she is. Ain't she purdy?

Who me?

We brought some of our old friends and new friends together tonight at El Mariachi in Harrison. It was lots o' fun. Ryan and Carrie will be heading back to Vancouver super early on Sunday morning so we probably won't see them until they get back. They will be living with us we'll probably get sick of them pretty quick once they're here.

*Random Thought* - There's a lady whose main hobby seems to be walking up and down our street repeatedly. I once saw her venture out onto another street, but that was a once in a lifetime kind of thing. It doesn't matter what the weather is like, she walks up and down our street every day. Up and down, up and down, up and down. You'd think she'd get sick of the view. The funny part is that she wears a sweet 80's fanny pack on her hip every walking excursion. You can tell it's completely full to the maximum capacity. I look at that fanny pack and every time I can't help but think, What in the world does she have in there?

I mean, it's not like she's taking some long trip where anything could happen. She's walking up and down her small street. I seriously want to know what the heck she has in there. Any ideas?

4 waggish utterances thus far...:

DanThoms said...

I'm sure your familiar with Colerains walker. Now that guy walks, rain, snow, sleet, volcanoes, earthquakes, hell fire, that guy still walks. And all that walking with the random object of the week in his hand (phone book, Bible, bottle...)

Karen said...

Ava is just beautiful!

As for the walking lady on the street, why not go out one day and take a walk with her? She may just show you what is in that fanny pack!

Just my two cents, too early on a Sat morn.

Karen in DE

Helen Ann said...

Hmmm...Maybe you could walk with her like Karen said and before you part ways give her a Love Wins card...I bet she opens the fanny pack to put it in and you can sneak a peak.

Alternately you could just be really foreward and say "Nice Fanny Pack...What's in it?"

Ava is darling!

Ryan Allen Doan said...

we miss that little girl. You guys are awesome. And yes you probably will get tired of us loving on you too much when we get back. It has been a long day of flying and I'm beat.