Unstoppable force...

I had to drop by Sam's Club (my favorite store) today to grab a few life supplies. You know, Pretzel Crisps, Sippy Cups, 4lbs of Butter, Pumpkin Spice Coffee Creamer...just the bare necessities of course. I wouldn't be caught dead buying things that weren't essential to my life.

What I'm amazed by is that there seems to be an unstoppable force of a screaming child in Sam's Club at least 8 out of 10 times that I'm in there. What...is...the...deal?

When I was little, If I pulled something like that I would have been given something to really cry about. I was in the store for about thirty minutes and I could hear this kid wailing for the entire half hour. I can't help being nosey and I had to go see what this kid looked like. I always have to check out the offender of any public annoyance. Doesn't everyone do that?

So this kid is probably 3 or 4 years old, but he seems to contain the nuclear energy of the Incredible Hulk. What's the kid's mom doing about the situation? You guessed it...not a dang thang. She's got that distant, "I'm a failure of a human being and I couldn't care less" look in her eyes. It's not looking like anyone is going to break into this child's life with a reality slap anytime soon.

The pinnacle of my shopping experience was of course the check-out lane. Where is the screaming menace of a small human at this time? Well right in the next lane over of course...how could there be another possibility? It just wouldn't make sense any other way.

I must have been concentrating a little bit too hard at making him gag with my telekinetic powers because a guy in front of me broke my mind- force with this little nugget..."You'll be there too some day. I've got a little guy at home about his age and they all do that. You just have to let them have their way or else it will never end."

I said to the guy, "Wow. Thank you for changing my parenting life with that incredible insight. I might be able to write a book now...I have been given the key to knowledge and astuteness when it comes to caring for my offspring. You sir, are a gentleman and a scholar."

Okay so I didn't actually say that...but, I thought it several hours later when I was in front of my computer.

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Dan said...

Just let them have there way? Thank God my parents didn't share in that parenting philosophy. It seams that people think the only two choices are let them have their way or put them on medication. Hurray for non-parenting.

Robert said...

Where is the Ceaser Milan of the human race? A snap of the finger, a loud "psss", and a solid tug on choke collar should put that kid in place.

Light Bright said...

Ava Beans would NEVER behave that way...You pay no mind to that guy you were in line with! ;-)

My mom, too would have given me something to cry about. Unless the child was autistic or something I would think that there would be more that could be done besides let him get away with that...Those precious spectrum kids (and I DO love them - because I relate to them!) are eerily immune to most stop crying strategies! :)

Ryan Allen Doan said...

you just successfully made me not ever want to have children. Thank you very much. Just kidding. But seriously loud kids should be beaten more.

Liz said...

Be careful how you judge a situation. My daughter and son in law have a daughter who can't be tamed. They have tried everything known to man to stop her tantrums with no luck. Thankfully, the child is growing out of them. They are Christian people who believe in corporal punishment and good discipline but they have had unbelievable problems disciplining this child. Nothing works on her. They just have to try and ignore it and wait for it to end. They try to leave a store as soon as she starts but sometimes they just can't get out of the store fast enough. It has been a real trial for them and they know people think they don't discipline their child but they do and have. She just can't be punished or disciplined out of her behaviour. They have left her at home or with friends many times when wanting to go out. It has been a nightmare for all of us. As I said, the child is getting older now and hopefully, prayerfully, she is beginning to behave better in public. She was adopted by my daughter and SIL when she was 8months old and came that way to them. It has been a real trial of faith to keep her and learn to love her which we all do. I say all this to tell you to please remember, it's not always a case of an undisciplined child.

Ryan Detzel said...

I understand that Liz. I know a couple people with children that are unable to submit in any way...it's tough. I can't imagine how hard that must be. I feel helpless when my little girl is out of control for 5 minutes.

In this particular case, however, it was one of those deals where a clearly un-parent didn't make an effort to move quickly from the store. If it were me, I would want people to stop looking at me. I would change the system. Insane people do things over and over the same way expecting a different result. They may have gotten creative, I don't know. I just know I would continue to try changing the system that's in place for discipline.

If you read this blog long enough you'll realize I complain and act very judgmental a lot...it's kind of my charm. ;)

Anonymous said...

HHHHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Oh you should've said EXACTLY that to the guy in line with you!! Would've been classic! :))

Ok yes, there may be 'special cases' every once in a grrreat while, but I do believe it's mostly up to the parent to keep their kid in line... neither I nor any of my 6 siblings EVER threw tantrums in public (if we had, I'm sure my parents would've made it a once-in-a-lifetime experience!!), so I really don't believe all that "poor-parent-is-powerless-to-stop-their-child-misbehaving" crap/nonsense.

How nice for you that you've got a 'venting venue' in this blog... hope you didn't get too much backlash for this post :D