The Gods Aren't Angry...

About 9 or 10 of us are heading to Indianapolis tonight to see Rob Bell teach at the Theater at the Murat. He is dedicating the month of November to a traveling teaching called The Gods Aren't Angry.

All the proceeds from the tour are going towards the Turame Microfinance Project.

Rob is doing some extremely innovative things and he is a real life example of someone who uses their influence as currency. If you're able generate a following, you might as well use it for good. I'm absolutely astounded at the number of Christian leaders who openly attack Rob Bell and his church for various reasons. Oh well. Keep doing what you're doing Rob...we love you!

If you haven't seen a Nooma video you simply must. They are spiritual short films that are an excellent escape from the cheesy Christian excuses of relevant media today.

Road Trip!

5 waggish utterances thus far...:

Ryan Allen Doan said...

I wish I could go with you guys. You'll have to send me the notes.

Ryan Detzel said...

Well, I tried taking notes and it didn't work out so well. I brought my laptop and I got reamed by the lady behind me.

She told me I was distracting her and asked me to turn down the brightness. I was going to just close it up, but she said I could just turn down the brightness.

Two minutes later she reached over and smacked my shoulder saying, "You're destroying my entire experience!!".

Needless to say, no notes. I did manage to ruin someone's being that's good.

It was awesome though...what an amazing teacher.

Jenny said...

I want details so don't forget what he said. The title kind of bugs me, but I'm assuming he did it to draw in people besides Christians.

Helen Ann said...

Input queen here - I scribbled notes as fast as I could. If you can read my chicken scratch you're welcome to them! Wait...Or I can type 'em up and e-mail them. Whichever! It was a great presentation.

The set piece reminded of the stonehenge scene from This is Spinal Tap. :)

DanThoms said...

It was very good except for those tiny little seats. When I went the Underground staff Christmas party someone there that I didn't know said that they saw me at Rob Bell. That was interesting.