Elastic Orange Dinosaurs...

...just kidding. This post is actually about thankfulness. I just wanted to throw you off the trail.

Every year my mother-in-law makes everyone write down a list of what they are thankful for and we read it at breakfast on Thanksgiving morning. Every year we all complain and tell her to stop making us write lists and every year she is even more persistent.

Truth be told this is probably the high-point of breakfast each Thanksgiving, but don't tell her that.

It's a little after 7am and breakfast/thankful list reading is at 9am. I don't have my list composed yet, but that's not really a problem. It's not something I have to think long and hard about. For some reason, God seems to have given me a heart of gratitude and for that...I am thankful.

Thankful List 2007

* I'm thankful for all the friends and new relationships I've seen in the past year.

* I'm thankful for my home, my job, reliable vehicles, unreliable dogs, and more clothes than any man should own.

* I'm thankful for Allison and our closing in on 5 years of marriage together. God and Allison together saved me from life in a gutter. She inspires me to be a better version of myself.

* I'm thankful for Allison's new job that is more meaningful and more friendly to our family.

* I'm thankful for our baby Ava who constantly causes me to get over myself. She removes all seriousness from the room and brings joy to everyone around her. She's cool.

* I'm thankful for my in-laws, who bring balance to my out-laws. They've allowed me to be kind, generous, loving, and most of all my true self.

* I'm thankful for my messed-up family who seems to be growing closer together even though we see each other less. God bless them.

* I'm thankful for this discontent inside of me that calls me to change the world.

* I'm thankful that I seem unable to listen to the voices who tell me that I can't.

* Most of all I'm thankful for Jesus who alone restores me day after day. He pours Himself into me over and over and my passion for Him is even more vibrant than the day I met Him.

For everything God created is good, and nothing is to be rejected if it is received with Thanksgiving. - 1 Timothy 4:4

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Ryan Allen Doan said...

i'm thankful for your sweet butt.

Helen Ann said...

Thanks for being you!