Captain Morgan...

I met Captain Morgan today.

He was a rather peculiar fellow. I was working in the hobby shop when a man that looked just like the pirate pictured above walked in. He said to me, "Aye, Captain Morgan at your service!".

I did not respond. He said, "Aye matey I can't believe you're here!"

I said, "Me either.".

Captain Morgan shot back, "No, I mean I can't believe there's finally a hobby store here!"

This is how the Captain and I's relationship started.

We spoke boldly to each other, we laughed, we told tales of sea-ward adventures. We discussed wine and politics as well as God and all that inhabits His earth. We openly shared our woes surrounding a life of too much water and a life of not enough. We compared battle wounds and reminisced lives spent apart from each other. We valued one another and eventually the time came to break apart. I'll miss you Captain, but I know I'll see you again.

p.s.<---that's what the alphabet would look like if Q and R were missing. Anyway though this really was the true Captain Morgan. He lives in South Carolina and has his own port. He is a family descendant of the legendary Captain Morgan and was selected to be the "character" Captain Morgan over 20 years ago. They took his picture (the dude looked just like him) and animated it to become Captain Morgan. His name is Ronald Morgan. He gave me his email address and we watched youtube videos of him in action. He really is a captain...of multiple boats and planes.

Captain Morgan is from Cincinnati though...he was here visiting family for Thanksgiving.

That guy was freakin' sweet.

Drink Responsibly.

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Helen Ann said...

Is he kind of like the Dread Pirate Roberts?

Dan said...

You met a pirate. That is so cool.