Let's talk Olive Oil...

If I never have to hear Rachel Ray say "E V O O" again I will be a happy person. If you have no idea what I'm talking about...that's good.

Onto my next point.

I want to talk about Olive Oil for a moment. If you're not regularly using Olive Oil in your cooking routine, you need to change something. Olive Oil and butter are my two closest friends in the kitchen. I don't go anywhere without them. They're great listeners and they have an excellent sense of humor. I'm going to continually capitalize the "Os" in Olive Oil because it means that much to me.

I'm not going to go into details on why Olive Oil is so important for the success of your food right now though. Right now I want to show you a cheap Do-It-Yourself project that is super easy and useful.

Let's get on with it:

First of all...see this thing? This Olive Oil dispenser will run you about $25 - $30. Repeat after me. "Do not want. Do not want. Do not want." Don't buy this thing. I know we like buying things just like everyone else but I say we take this opportunity to save some cash and we get to personalize something we're going to be using a lot in our kitchen.

Alrighty then. To get started we're going to need a big ole' jug (or can) of Olive Oil and an empty bottle wine with a cool label. You can use a wine bottle that doesn't have a cool label if you're a dork...that would be acceptable as well.

This particular wine was $5.99. Big money I know...but, it had such a sweet label. I like to buy Olive Oil in bulk because it's much cheaper that way. This big can was on sale at Jungle Jim's (the greatest supermarket on the planet) for just $12. If I were to buy a bunch of little containers of oil it would have been a ton of moolah.

Next you'll need one of these handy dandy oil dispensers. I got mine from a cooking store in the area for less than a dollar. I also have a baby bottle nipple for a funnel. If you've ever poured oil from one container to another...you know it has a tendency to "glug".

Cut the top off of the nipple. There has got to be a better word for that part of the bottle.


Glug away.

Pop the oil dispenser top onto the bottle and wouldja lookit that. You've got a fancy schmancy Olive Oil dispenser for next to nothing in cost.
Fancy schmancy Olive Oil dispensers won't protect you from flowers running through your kitchen though...so I hope you weren't expecting that to happen.

2 waggish utterances thus far...:

Ryan Allen Doan said...

the little flower looks amazing. I love your site man. The recipes are great.

And what the hell happened to your face? Did Allison beat you up? You can tell me I promise your secret is safe.

Karen said...

I just discovered your blog by a link from a comment you made on PW's blog (don't we LOVE her?) - and I have enjoyed the first subject (mmm, OO and BUTTER = heaven) enough to continue on! So, thanks for that!

Karen in DE

p.s. what's that dish down below, the one with the cheese? HMMMM!