De plane De plane...

I’m almost home. It’ll only be a few more hours and I can finally see my babies. I can’t wait to hug and kiss them until it’s annoying. I can’t wait to spend as much time as possible with them until they’re totally sick of me.

This last week has been fairly incredible. I was able to see so many things for the first time and I was also reminded of so many things that I needed to be reminded of. I’m going to miss the Doan’s and all the new people that I met. It’s truly something amazing when you let down your guard and you invite people into your life. If you do it right and you are able to make a connection, they just might invite you into theirs.

Cheers Vancouver. It was fun while it lasted. I’m pretty sure you’re not for me but, I know you’re totally right for so many who call you home.

I’m so glad that I took this week to do something different. I don’t want to be that guy from Cincinnati who has never traveled outside of the tri-state. It’s so funny to think about so many people I know who have never really gone anywhere, never really done anything. I don’t want to be locked away in a little box.

While I am a homebody, I think I have found that I can adapt really quickly to whatever is thrown at me. I can make a home out of a strange place pretty quickly. There are a lot of strange places out I guess I never have to worry about feeling too far from home.

Please do not let me forget the things that I’ve learned and seen. Use me.

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Ryan Allen Doan said...

I know you will use all that God has put in your life to further his kingdom. I am so excited to see what He is doing and going to do in that city. Let us know how we can help and pray for you guys.