Best. Lasagna. Ever...

I'll be attempting to create the best lasagna ever tonight for my men's group.

I often think about how ridiculous it probably sounds that I'm in a men's group. What kind of group is this? Do you guys participate in naked drum circles in the woods? Is it some kind of a support group? Are you not telling us something about your sexuality?

Ah yes...all of the above. Haha. Truth is, I can't even imagine life without a group of guys meeting with me on a regular basis. It's so hard to do things alone...and often we don't even realize how alone we really are. It is possible to be very alone even in a large crowd of people.

I love the fact that I can consistently expect people I know to show up and be there for each other...whether it's to really help me through something rough happening in my life or if it's just to blow something up and laugh like little girls. I can count on these guys. If I have to call one of them at 3am to get me out of jail I know that they would. That's a good feeling.

If you don't have people like this in your life I would seriously consider asking yourself the question of how to get some good people around you.

I'm working at the hobby shop today. I almost crashed a radio-controlled helicopter into my own face. It was a close call but, I'll be okay.

2 waggish utterances thus far...:

Ryan Allen Doan said...

i think that you should start wearing a hockey mask to work there. I like your face just how it is, mostly.

Dan said...

Very good food and the people aren't too bad either.