Being in Florida has me thinking about some things, most of which are illegal to write about.

Here's one that isn't:

Churches are constantly trying to define the people inside of them. There are many different types of people inside of these churches of course, but the people who write books and lessons on leadership are always looking to shoehorn everyone into a category.

There are seekers.
There are members.
There are owners.
There are not-yet Christians.
There are active members.
There are seers.
There are doers.

Blah, blah, blah...I don't even know all the stupid terms. (I don't like when leadership has to define people.) A thought strikes me though as I drive down the strip each day. There are tourists everywhere...this particular city is built for them. There only seem to be a few places that you would consider to be a "local dive".

Funny thing is - Locals don't like tourists for the most part. They need them in a sense...a big sense...but they can also despise them for the commercialization of their town. Tourists want to be locals. I realize as I type this that it's an undeveloped thought, but what I'm getting at is that the church is full of tourists and it's full of locals.

There are many things that prove me right about this. I'll figure them out and tell you soon.


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