...so beautiful.

I'm sitting out by the beach within a stone's throw of at least 50 million dollars in homes. The view is amazing. It's breathtaking really. I can look behind me and my vision can be clouded by man's stuff everywhere, but I can look ahead of me and see only God's stuff. Miles and miles of crystal waters.

The thing that strikes me is that this beautiful place isn't nearly as beautiful as ending poverty for someone. I'm not trying to sound like some freedom fighting hippie activist or anything, but couldn't we do with a little less? The houses on this strip average about 2 million dollars for 2,500 square feet. That's pretty disgusting to think about.

Conservation is an idea. So is capitalism I guess.

The question I want to think about is this: Could someone out there have a little bit more if I could have a little bit less? I think I know the answer to that question. The bigger question to look at is this one: Am I willing to help?

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