I'm a compulsive bloggerbater...

This is probably the 3rd or 4th time that I've started a blog.

Usually it's just personal stuff that no one reads or cares about.

It seems to be the new in thing right now to have a blog where you write about uninteresting, unfunny things and try to gain some sort of following. The following entries will be my attempt to do the same. I'm very original like that.

1 waggish utterances thus far...:

Erin said...

Hey Ryan I think you're blogs are amusing. But the real reason I came on here is to send you a message. I hope you are free this Sunday, August 26th and 2:15 pm. because Torin has specifically requested the presence of you, your beautiful wife and child, as well as the presence of your man-boy brother, Nicholas at his 6th birthday party that will take place at Wonderpark in Cincinnati Mills. I think Ava would like it, although it will surely send her into sensory overload at some point. And if all else fails, atleast you have an excuse to play lots of little juvenile games in which the objective is to smash the head of some little eager-beaver as it pokes it's head out to say hello. If you can't come, then Torin will definitely never forgive you for taking your own gaming device back. J/K
Don't bring a gift.