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The people have spoken (at least the Reverb readers have) and here are the top 12 blogs you all have listed:

#1. The Pioneer Woman - This one is obvious. Ree is fantastic when it comes to storytelling, photography, and cooking. It's going to be hard to find a better blogger out there. Technorati is showing that nearly 13,000 people are linking their blogs/websites to The Pioneer Woman...that means nearly 13,000 people have taken the time to actually help build her readership. She's got it going on. She has a TRIBE and if you're not on board might be soon.

#2. PostSecret - The one can get a little racy, but it's real. People love to look into the lives of others...especially into their closets where the hush-hush stuff lives. While I'm sure many of the postcards are phony, I would bet the majority of them are true. We can all connnect with a post secret at some point.

#3. Dooce - This one is new to me. In one breathe it's disturbing and in another I just can't look away...I think I like it. Transparency abounds with a spicy sense of humor. I'm sure we would disagree about many things, but then again I like to argue. Bookmarked!

#4. Fat Cyclist - Fatty started a blog a while back as a project to get in shape and share stories of cycling. Cycling and being in shape have taken a back seat to the metastatic breast cancer that is attacking his wife Susan. Please visit this blog to show support, learn, pray, and whatever else it is that pulls us into these stories of life.

#5. Cake Wrecks - Always good for an interwebernet laugh. These are simply cakes that have taken a wrong turn somewhere...maybe they're ugly, creepy, inappropriate, or just plain wrong.

#6. I Am Bossy - Bossy is married to John Cusack...John just doesn't know it yet. Very creative lady. I think I want to be more like her.

#7. Matt Logelin - Life and death in a 27-hour period. You can read about what happened here.

#8. Allison Wonderland - No way! I like, totally know that chick. She's hot.

#9. Smitten Kitchen - While you all might like this blog...I hate it. It makes me all hungry and inadequate feeling when it comes to food photography. *secretely loves this site*

#10. C Jane Enjoy It - This one is new to me also. Velly intallesting.

#11. Stuff White People Like - Umm...I like it.

#12. OhMyStinkinHeck - Heather has a great blog. She definitely knows her way around the interwebs and she's got some great photography too. And cool hair.

And since you asked <---haha! I made that part up! I'd like to share a few of my faves with you:


Michael Ruhlman



Brand New

WineLibrary TV

Happy clicking.

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Annie said...

Ok, I've already got #s 1, 3, 4 (lately I just cry & pray for them), 9, and Ragamuffin Soul....must check out the rest. BTW, I'm making your Mexican Lasagne from Ree's site TONIGHT!

BOSSY said...

Very cool list -- and thanks for the linky lurve; it's the new Safe Sex!

Anonymous said...

Oh, add to that


Brad Ruggles said...

Great list Ryan. I read many of them.

Gary Vaynerchuk is my blog/social media hero. That guy is amazing.

Anonymous said...

BOSSY? Really? Dude, and here I thought MARRIAGE was the new safe sex.

Thanks for the shout out REVERB! :)