Contest: Christian Crap Edition...


See this pile of stuff? I want you to have it.

As I was cleaning and organizing the other day, I found several books and DVDs that I had more than one copy of. I checked, and being that I am only one human, I realized I didn't need more than one copy of these items.

It's good stuff...really it is. And you'll just have to trust me when I tell you that not all of my stuff is "Christian" just seems that the stuff I have more than one of is...well...Christian.

Included is:

The Final Quest by Rick Joyner - This book is INSANE!! It's about a prophetic dream and the imagery is incredible. Fast read.

Blue Like Jazz by Donald Miller - Authentic and awesome.

Wild at Heart by John Eldredge - Must read for all convex humans.

Mere Christianity by C.S. Lewis - READ. THIS. BOOK.

The Shack by William P. Young - Who am I kidding, you've probably read this.

Nooma DVDs by Rob Bell - I heart Noomas. Rain, Sunday, and Bullhorn are included. These are spiritual short films sure to challenge, inspire, and mess you up.

EPIC by John Eldredge - About stepping into the biggest story of all.

The Message New Testament - Awesome little pocket-sized bible paraphrase in everyday language.

LOVE WINS stickers too.

NOT PICTURED ARE SECRET ITEMS THAT WILL ALSO BE INCLUDED. Just imagine what these could be...a new car...pocket lint...a trip to Hawaii...some broken crayons. You just never know.


So here are the rules. Post your favorite blogs in the comments section. I don't care if it's 2 blogs or 20 blogs. I just want to know what blogs you're digging. Only ONE COMMENT per person....include all blogs within that one comment.

Saying your favorite blog is This Is REVERB will not raise your chances to win as this will be drawn randomly from the comments. Saying your favorite blog is This Is REVERB will however cause me to do the happy dance.

The winner will be picked tomorrow, October 30th 2008 @ (or around) Noon (my time).


120 waggish utterances thus far...:

Cindy said...

Well I comment on Flickr that we have similar tastes.

I have al the books except The Final Quest. I agree with your comments on the books.

I am working on my Nooma collection and the 3 you listed I do not have.

At any rate, my favorite blogs apart from yours and mine ( are...

and should I say your wife's blog :)

Taylor said...

Hi Ryan!

I am a newbie to your blog and I absolutly LOVE IT. I also enjoy reading the Pioneerwoman's blog (how i found you...) and

I am strugling with being a Christian myself, and I would love to win this contest.

Thanks for hosting such an awesome blog & haveing a great contest.


iammahrissah said...

mine gotta be..

my sistahs blog:

the AMAZING p-dub`s blog:
(you areadly know alll about that good stuff)

the saddest most inspiring blog ive read so faR:

pretty sure to check out his older posts from when they were over in the middle east!:

A Called Life said...

My favorite "check-them-daily" blogs are The Pioneer Woman, The Country Doctor's Wife, and This is Reverb.

Janice Vandyk said...

hey, I've read Blue Like Jazz and loved it!

my fav blogs are...

Sonja Chandler said...

Wooo Hoooo I love giveaways!!!!
Thanks Ryan

Ok, the two I go to first in the morning are
really I do.
Then I go to www.thesauerbunch.blogspot this is my cousin she had 4 kids and her husband has just been diagnosed with Burkitts lymphoma. I go there to listen and comment and pray for them.

then to
like her crafty stuff
a few photography sites which I don't know the web addy to (isnt that terrible) and I go to Allison through your site so ther you have it.
Oh and I can't forget mine

Have I mentioned that I LOVE to read?... Well now you know.

Denise said...

Your blog is truly one of my faves, though newly so. I found it on Pioneer Woman's blog, which is my favorite of all.
I also like
Holy Experience (
Quiet Life:
Journey Mama:
Portrait in Linen:
amongst many others. Yours is one the few non-homeschooling mama blogs!

Amber said...

Aside from your blog, some of my favs in no particular order are:

Thanks for the opportunity to win books! I love books!!

SmilinTJ said...

These are a few of my favorite
Pioneer Woman
Nitty Gritty
Bring the Rain
A Year of Crockpotting

sarahcook said... - Mormon Family - Photographer - about an awesome Christian woman's journey with her husband as he fights terminal cancer head on.

Stacey said...

My two favorite blogs are:

and (although it was a close tie to

Mandi said...

My fav blogs -
And yours. :)

Neat contest. I agree, Blue Like Jazz is totally awesome.

Renee said...

WOW, I have so many favorites
it will be hard to pick just one
but I would have to say
Confessions of a Pioneer Woman.
I usually read her every day, along
with yours of course.

eclecticdeb said...

Fatty's life is anything but normal right now....his lovely wife Susan is at the end stages of breast cancer. He writes with amazing honesty and clarity. Today's post is especially poignant. Please go check it out.

trinitygr said...


DanThoms said...

I choose me

My all time favorite though, other than my friends (your friends) is

now I must go and read all of these other blogs...

Annie said...

Hmm. Every day, I read your blog, PW's (, and Fatty's ( Send me your loot-- I need some good reading (that's not online)!

Erin said...

Ooh *crosses fingers for lint*

My daily clicks list keeps growing and growing. Not that that is a bad thing, it just shows how much I site hop /troll blogs. Maybe I should seek help... This is just a few...
{my oldests sista's blog}
{avid follower}
{absolutely smitten with this lady's work}

Other Misc. Clicks:
{for my creative juices}
{her creations are so addicting!}

Luanne said...

Confessions of a Pioneer Woman
Chickens in the Road

Luanne in MI

Wendy said...

I have too many to list them all... I found you through PW (as it seems many of your readers have!)

I love Dooce, LoLcats, Post Secret, the Daily Coyote, Blank Forever, List of the Day, Engrish, and Go Fug Yourself... in no particular order.

brie said...

pioneer woman and

Jeckie said...

Well, I found you through PW too... LOVE HER.

Postsecret is also amazing. And I read Laurell Hamilton's blog mostly to reassure myself that I'm more normal than some. :)

I DO love your blog, too, because you don't pretend that being Christian means you have to be boring or sanctimonious or better than human or *insert word of choice here*. I suddenly don't feel so alone. :)

DeborahB said...

Definitely Pioneer Woman.
Not Quite What I Had Planned.
Joy Unexpected
Cute Overload
The Impulsive Buy

Of course, yours.

My daughter is going into college in the fall, majoring in youth ministry. These books would be great for her, dontcha think??

Carrie said...

I read daily:

theviolas94 said...

My 2 favorites are: and

These are MAINLY the 2 I always go to for good laughs and great recipes.

Good luck everyone,

MRS. CJK said...

I spend my free time checking out new blogs, so my "blog roll" is constantly getting longer and I read all of the ones currently on it at least once a day. If it makes me laugh with just one post, I'll add it. If one post inspires me, I'll add it. I like to see what else a person who can make me laugh or inspire me might write. Here is the current "blog roll" list:

Thanks for the opportunity to win some Christian-oriented literature. I'm always looking for new books to read, and adding faith into the mix is so necessary to me right now.

Tracy said...

My faves are as follows:

and yours of course ;)

Jengy said...

I am a blog addict! I check 5 (well 6 if I include my own) blogs on a daily this order. I have a problem, I admit it! LOL (how I found you....)

MooBeeMa said...

Diggin' all those books! William P. Young has been a mentor to hubs and I for years and he's the real deal.

Best Blogs:

Kate said...

My favorites are:

Pioneer Woman (which is how I found you), ThisisReverb (and that's not just sucking up), Cute Overload, PostSecret and the Fail Blog.

moose said...

Literal Dan

Post Secret

Weather Moose (shameless plug)


Funky Kim said...

I don't think you realize how big my blog reader list is! LOL

I found you through Pioneer Woman, so you are both on my list of must reads. - makes me laugh almost daily! - awesome musician and helps me keep in touch with my creative side - fun decorating blog - one of my favorite people on the planet. - my quilt shop and where I do stitch and bitch. Heh. - a favorite fabric designer and great mamma! - fun looks at both the sacred and the profane in everyday life.

That's a sprinkling of my favorites.

Of course, there's always my blog, featuring the cutest grandson in the whole world!

kaleytaylor said...

Awesome contest! My favorites are The Pioneer Woman Cooks! and dooce.

MrsD said...

I don't need the books, but I love sharing my favorite blog.
Two doctors who have been serving God in Uganda for 15 years (today!). Three kids, many adventures, lots of heart and great examples of what to pray for others who may be serving God as over seas missionaries. I no longer take God for granted.

Debbie said...

The two I check EVERYDAY:
This is Reverb (Honest!)
The Pioneer Woman

I also love:
Allison Wonderland
Leah's Desktop Dictionary (scrapbooking)
Jessica Sprague (scrapbooking)
Celebrate Creativity in All It's Forms (she is creatively gifted)
Eagle's Rest (he makes you think)
Steamy Kitchen Modern Asian Cooking (great recipes)
3kids2jobs1dog (she keeps it real)
Made in The USA (great giveaways)
List of the Day (Hilarious but sometimes crude)

Elaine said...
This is funny stuff.

online said...

Busy Momma said...

I like yours and Pioneer Woman's.

I also read:
Rocks in my Dryer
Cale's Corner
Bring the Rain

love, love, love nooma!!!

Jenn said...

Cool contest :).

I like yours, of course, though I almost never comment.

And I like Pioneer Woman (she was how I found you).

Also, Holy Experience is at the top of my list. Ann can write, and her stuff is powerful.

I check out a bunch of photo-blogs too, but won't link to them here ... they're linked on my site.

Nic said...

this blog is great...My wife says that it is "our" blog. But in it's existence I have only posted twice. So this is my favorite blog because I get to see who my life is caputing life!

alpineflower said...

I read a bunch of knitting blogs, which I'll keep to myself, but the blogs I like that I think you and my fellow readers might like are
1. The Pioneer Woman
2. My brother's blog, I think you and he would get along so well it's scary.
4. - I may have found this one via you, but I can't remember...he's at the CIA (Culinary Institute of America) and is documenting his experience. Fascinating.

Scott Fillmer said...

how conceited is it going to be to say my favorite blog is my own? It certainly isn't because it is any better than anyone else's, but because I have spent the better part of my online existence for the last 5-6 years writing my blog... so... there you go, my favorite is mine.

crabapple said...

oh my! oh my! oh my! this is quite the daunting task.

i lovingly call myself a blog whore! and i love, love, love google reader for keeping all of my blogs straight. with google reader i do not have to continuously click to all my fave blogs (57 but i'm sure more will be added after reading the comments :)). instead, it tells me when there are new posts to my fave blogs.

so the blogs i look forward to reading the most are (i wish i knew how to hyperlink):

p-dub (which, like many others is where i found you)

bring the rain (check it out if you haven't)

my charming kids ( go check this one out and read about the glory of God! she just gave birth to a little boy today who just a few short months ago was not expected to live! scored a 9 on his APGAR :) GO STELLAN!

there are many, many others!

happy reading, ryan. and i love your blog. one of these days when i'm in cincy visiting friends, i am going to go to your church :)

SillyMeganlee said...

I've definitely been creeping about your blog for around a month. It is one of three that I actually check daily for updates.

It started out with Through her, I found you! From your blog, I found

That's my tiny collection of favourite blogs. =]

Winning this would be ace, as I am working with re-finding my faith. =]

The Stevens Family said...

My favorite blogs, ones that I check daily -
yours - duh . . .
Raggamuffinsoul - thank you for that intro. he's hysterical and profound at the same time.

Ta ta for now!
Sorry was reading Tigger and Pooh for naptime. :)

Snobound said...

Well, I find my own blog fairly interesting, but I suppose that's because I'm the one writing the stuff. However, I read a ton of blogs every day though and I'm highly inspired by most of them.

Pioneer Woman
This is Reverb
The Monkeys & Me
The Upward Call - Dan Thom's blog
80 Breakfasts
Kilted Corn
Fat Cyclist
IOU NO MORE! - this is my personal favorite...maybe because it's my debt free story as told by my beloved!

marie said...

Some of my faves:

and my favorite of all time, which is now completed, but will always have a special place in my heart:

her journey is so incredibly powerful.

Becky said...

My daily blog roll entails:


I read Blue Like changed my life. I literally have not been the same since. It's a good book to have 2 of :)

Debbie said...

Well, I like
My son the youth minister's web site - The Fridge (a place to chill):

Pioneer Woman

Rose Cottage


Bakers' Banter

Simple Dollar


i like the interest pieces you do like "harold". i enjoye the self reflection blogs you do like "fortitude" and i enjoy the takes some time blogs you do like "randomography in downtown Cincinati" i get something different from each and wish i could spend more time on my blogs ( i mostly just twitter).

panykattack said...

Favorite blogs in no particular order:
1. This is REVERB.
2. Pioneer Woman Cooks

There are more but those are my faves.
Awesome contest by the way.

AlliJean said...

I just found your blog through the pioneer woman. in addition to her blog, I am an avid reader of, which is written by a hilarious native Floridian. I also enjoy my sister's blog, because, after all, the point of blogs is sharing with the people we care about.

Steve said...

I have a huge list of blogs I follow, check out my Google Reader page for tidbits I share.

Amanda said...

On my Google Reader:

The Pioneer Woman
c jane enjoy it (
nienie (
The Lawsons Did Dallas! (
The Rabbit Room (
Not Wholly in Vain (
The Sandpaper Chronicles (

And Reverb of course!

And some boring work related blogs.

mtontiphotography said...

I've kind of stepped away from blog reading for the moment (that includes writing in my own personal one too). But I still visit Pioneer Woman and This is Reverb everyday, along with a couple of photography blogs. So I guess that must make you a favorite. :)I have been wanting to read Blue Like Jazz....and we love the Nooma videos.

EG said...

Ick, you can have my copy of "The Shack", too. Christian crap indeed.

I found you from:

I also read:

And many others, including many belonging to friends. What a great way to keep in touch!

Oh, and MY blog:

hadsell said...

Favorite blogs! I love this sort of thing...

Maleia - Senior Product Manager said...

Ok, I've got tons of them, but here are my faves:

Pioneer Woman
The Kitchn
Southern Plate
Simply Recipes

and for work:

Nancy Peacock said...

Pioneer Woman
Confessions of a CF Husband
Bring The Rain
Jaymun's Journey
Dooce (although we disagree on lots)
Daily Coyote
Fat Cyclist

justmetoyou said...

my photo blog is my favorite. because it reminds me that we (the other photo I am working with) are living the dream.

I also love The Pioneer Woman and Dooce.

T5M said... (It's mine, so yes, I'm biased)

aprllynn318 said...

My favorite blog is:

gretam said...

Wow..what a great selection and have yet to read even one of those.

My favorites are yours,,, my paperfollies yahoo group, any scrapbooking or cardmaking blogs..way, way, way to many to list.

Here is to praying that I win! I never win stuff.

Thanks for the opportunity and for sharing your life with the rest of us.

Kim said...

Besides your own, I'm a faithful reader of:

my own, of course:

Mike said...

I like your style, Ryan. Check us out:

One of the blogs I really like is is Doug Giles:

vixin13 said...

I read pioneerwoman and your good self everyday, thankyou!

p.s can this prize be posted to Australia?

Laura Rebekah said...

Here are (just some) of my Favortie Blogs:

~This is Reverb
~The Pioneer Woman
~I Am Bossy
~Fat Cyclist
~Deep Thoughts, Simple Mind
~Thinking Things

My best friend has been telling me forever to read Blue Like Jazz... Maybe I'll finally get my chance! (*keeping my fingers crossed*)

Thanks for this fun contest!

Laura said...

Sweet! There are a lot of blogs listed by your readers that I'm gonna check out. :)

I'm a daily reader of yours, found you via Pioneer Woman's blog.

I visit these blogs daily... in no particular order :)
{this IS reverb... happy dance}
{guilty.... but funny as heck}
{one of my husbands best friends, and our old Pastor, he's cool}
{stinkin' funny}

and I now read your wife's blog, she's funny too. :)

Thanks for the contest - I would love those books!

Laura in Dallas

Stephanie said...

Love Christian crap - I have a bunch of it myself. I have a couple hundred blogs in my Google Reader, but here are a few off the top of my head...

Tiffanie said...

Josh Main's mom said...

I found you through one of my faves Pioneer woman.
I also love Post Secret
some others I visit are :

and I'll put my own blog just because :D


Kate said...

Not Too Old said...
This is REVERB
The Bloggess (mine)
Channeling Erma

havie said...

I read a lot of blogs (yours and PW's - how I found you - included) that I really enjoy, but here are my favorites!

Sgt and Mrs Hub -

and my sister is my absolute fav! please check her out and read her story!

Be Strong and Courageous -

Maren said...

I read a lot of good blogs and find more every week when I should be doing other things...however, my two favorite would be and

It's one of the ways I keep up with my nieces and nephews lives, pictures and funny stories. It doesn't get much better then that.

Tanya said...

The blog that introduced me to blogging:

The blog that I got addicted to first and that led me to your blog (which I love and save for last to read):

The blog that makes me cry:

The blog that makes me laugh:

The person that I recruited into blogging (my sister)

TERI said...

Two of my favorite blogs?

Chickens In The Road

Quiet Life

Susie said...

Pioneer Woman
Fat Cyclist
This is Reverb

Mom on a coulee said...

These are the blogs I check daily... (oh wait that's mine but I like to see how many people have visited) ( I like her contests and wierd blogs about random things) (I like the message that these blogs send and it makes me think deeper, not something I always want to do, but good none the less.) (I really like the Not Me Monday thing and I'm intrigued to see God's plan for Baby Stellan's life he is going to be born today and the doctors said he was going to die in utero long before now, see what doctors know when prayer is going strong.)
Then I like Bring the Rain (a really great site for moms who have lost a child and need some encouragement and just some great womanly words of Christian encouragement in life)

Erica said...

My favorites are:

And of course, Reverb : )

Kelly said...

Whoo-Hoo! I've been wanting to read The Shack!

robinrane said...

I love your blog! And I found you on pioneer woman. So I check hers everyday too!
Here are some more:Each one is a little different. Each one is amazing! (not unlike your own!)

I love all of these!!! I was hoping to be #100! :)

Krista said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Krista said...

Fav blogs: (I love the social commentary) (love the photography) (she just makes me giggle) (dude, share the love) (b-i-l whose also pretty spiritually insightful) (my Autistic son ...)

Katy said...

I read your blog and pioneer woman every day.

Stacy M said...

The Pioneer Woman
Jesus Shaped Spirituality
Exploding Dog pictures
Lone Prarie

Just started following This is reverb and am enjoying it!

Laurie said...

Al Wink said...

Ry, I posted a blog today. Read it. I'm so proud to call you my brother-in-law. You're awesome.

Al Wink said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Shannon said...

Well, i have most of this stuff, but it's a funny coincidence that i just had a friend tell me about "The Shack" yesterday....
and then here it is! i am surely supposed to read this book!

so my faves are:

this is reverb (of course!)
Pioneer Woman
Rocks in My Dryer
The Great Adventure
and last but not least:
Hummies World

Helen Ann said...

Fave Blogs:

Reverb (not just kissing up!)


Beyond Blessed

Just Me

Dave Workman

Cake Wrecks


Tenntrace said... (the minister of music at my church)

Courtney said...

Yours! I come here (and to the others on my list) every day!

Deanna said...

pioneer woman, my charming kids, whittaker woman, beautiful canvas

lizzytro said...

She Knits Flying Monkeys said...

Ok, let's see here... we got

pam said...
you may think these sacriligious they are not

Sherry said...

great stack of books! :)

Ree's blog (the pioneer woman)

and about 30 others....

cslcbry said...

this is reverb


Anna Tamar said...

yours (just being honest)

mine (

Amy A. said...

My favorite blogs are:
Say la vee
A beautiful mess
Sorta awetistic
green girl in wisconsin
posie gets cosy
c jane enjoy it

Sorry I'm not linking them. Too tired.

Hope I win!

Cheri said...

I have most of the books in your give don't enter me...or if I win...give it to someone else....

I just want you to do the Happy Dance.....cuz you are the first blog I visit every fav.
Now, be sure to have someone take a pic of you doing the dance! :)

altemosemc said...

I read many mommyblogs, being a mommy and all...
Rancid Raves, amalah, dooce, motherhood uncensored, literaldan, pioneer woman, Unmitigated, Looky Daddy, Ask Moxie, Thingamababy, Laid of Dad, Poop and Boogies, Gigglepotomas-
Also craft and sewing blogs and others.

Oh! and you of course!

Kaley said...

my favorite blogs are:

(i am in college after all.)

Jennifer and Justin said...

umm . . .



cause that's ours

Jen said...

I must be the biggest Dunce on the planet because I didn't realize that Pioneer Woman was so popular. I thought her blog and yours was my own little secret. I guess I was wrong!

My other favs are
(My little sister who just had a baby)

Mia said...

Dear Reverb,
I found you through PW Cooks, which I likw well enough. I love your blog because I think you are real and genuine and if I thought I could find one of you at a church here in Las Vegas I might just go back. I used to go to church ALL the time, I was a secretary, women's ministries leader, in choir, and then I realized that all the people who go to church, including me, are assholes, so I quit. I miss the worship, but I have never missed the people, so I will just stay away. Anyway, you bring me God every day, and I appreciate that. Thank you and God bless you. said...

I read yours everyday...
and others I check are

there is plenty more...oh and if for some chance that I do win...which I won't cause I never win these things you can give the books to someone who really needs them...I have most of em already.

Jen said...

Am I too late? Can I still enter?

*Love the P Dub. And You. Of course. Goes without saying, really.
*A friend of mine:
*My Pretend Bestest Friend:
*My Guilty Pleasure:
*And coz I think the idea is hillarious:

jasonjday said...

Not sure if this counts as a blog, but it's fun:

And, she doesn't blog much anymore, but:

ksw said...

Don't pick me. I already won stuff. Other than your blog, there are a couple I follow because they humble me and bring me back to reality.

This one is about a woman who is surviving after a nearly fatal pregnancy/delivery

This one is about a couple with four children who were burned in a plane crash in August. The posts are done by the mother's sister since mom has essentially been in a chemical coma since the crash.

Both families are strong and supportive of each other. It's eye-opening for me.

Laufa said...

I have a growing list and yes, you are on it!!! I would love the CS Lewis book. Hmm, I might have to check it out from the Library if I do not win. If nothing else, you got us reading. (mine)
These are my blogging friends, who have become very supportive and enlightening, we are not alone!

Steve said...

make magazine blog, 80 sticks of butter, the kedge, rebel pilgrim, other than that how'd you like the play mrs. lincoln, stuff i think, the LinkedIn Blog, bshawise,cerulean sanctum,SiouxWIRE,what i meant to say...,Love,Learn,Live, Light night rains, fantasy football goat and of course ESTO ES REVERBO!

Elizabeth Glass-Turner said...

Mittie said...

I'm new to your blog, but I like what I have read so far. From my Blogline:

and of course yours and your wifes :-)

Tracie said...

Ok, here we go:

I'm going to read the other comments to find some good blogs to read.

I'm enjoying yours too!

puddleboy said...

Rach said...

Hey Verb,
Your blog is one of my top 5... I think that a lot of us have found eachother thru a few blogs and always keep an eye open for others to join the family...
Started with Ree, Bossy, and the Country Wife... I think I have a great schedule for reading every blog now...
Have a great week Brother Reverb...

Carlos said...


Reina said...

I know I'm too late for your contest, but I wanted to introduce you to RLP, if you don't read his stuff, he's one of my favorites.