5 Things for Tuesday...

#1. My bride has started a blog. Admit it...you want to be her friend.
Gorgeous Allison

We have been married for 5 1/2 years and I find this woman to be so smoking hot I can't see straight. She's my best friend...that's a nice little thing to say a lot of times, but I mean it. She's fun, she is easy to talk to, and I get to do it with her. Check out her blog. <-----click

#2. Watch this video. Nick Pitera sings both parts of A Whole New World.

#3. We had 20 people over for dinner last night. We do this every Monday. Our men's group has 13 guys and the women's group has 7 ladies. A new girl showed up last night and the thought struck me...we're doing this thing.

What she saw was this:

*House filled with people having fun conversations.
*Huge dinner cooking on the stove.
*Share a meal together.
*Gather around for a powerful song with each other.
*Split up into gender groups to dive into deeper conversation.
*Prayer for one another.

We're doing this thing. Read Acts chapter 2.

Oh yeah...I made Indian food. Chicken Tikka Masala...mmm.

Oh yeah again...we had asparagus with it and I was definitely perceiving. <---click #4. I am scheduled for several Chipotle meetings this week...I love my life. It's really rough sometimes, but good food has an ability to balance it out.

#5. I officiated the wedding of Michael and Melissa on Saturday.

Pray for them to have the best marriage ever.

12 waggish utterances thus far...:

trinad said...

Love reading your blog. BTW your chipotle link isn't working!!! I'd love to see more of your cooking recipes. ;) Have a blessed day!!

Erin said...

Mmm I love chipotle peppers AND Chipotle! Sorry, ADD Food moment: I mix blended chipotle peppers with homemade alfredo and toss it with penne, chicken, bell peppers, olives, and onions. Mmm Santa Fe pasta!
Beautiful wedding pictures...Here's hoping for more husbands to be as smitten with their wives as you are {I'm pretty lucky when it comes to that too}.

Tracie said...

On the beautiful, I concur. She is lovely.

On the Whole New Word vid, my Nick and I are stunned, and slightly weirded out!

On the small group! Way to do church! We had a group like that in our home when our kids were tiny and they still come to us for stuff years later. Those relationships that are being forged now will be long lasting, because you're doing it right.

I'm amazed at how God is bringing the "lonely" into our family even now.

Sonja Chandler said...

Because you are authentic, they are there.

My husband is obsessed and addicted to Chipolte. I will have to try your recipe. He would be so happy.

Have a ridiculously blessed day.

Sonja C.
Nothing is more important than this day!

Debbie said...

1. Allison IS beautiful!
2. Really like her blog.
3. Nick is strangely talented.
4. Your Monday night dinner groups
sound amazing.
5. Wishing Michael and Melissa are
"best friends" for ever after.

DanThoms said...

- Well its about time Allison got a blog. Ok, now I need both of you to use peer pressure to get the other two people in your house to go back to blogging.

- I approve of the Indian food, very good.

- The next 5 girls that are added to the womens group need to be single and not engaged. um, yea Paul told me that he wanted me to tell you that...

Kimberly said...

You talked about being interesting in a previous post...

Well, you ARE! LOL

Kim said...

I thoroughly enjoy reading whatever it is you have to write. Seems a bit stalkish, as you've never met so many who take a peek into your life, but I truly believe that those younger than I are so much wiser. :)

Your wife is indeed beautiful and I think it's rockin' that you adore her as you do...more husbands should follow your lead with their wives (thought I should add that last bit of the sentence...don't want other husbands adoring YOUR wife. ;). I'm one of the very fortunate ones to be married to my best friend for 20 years. :)

Passing the Nick video along to my daughter, the opera singer...I'm sure she'll get a kick out of it. Thanks for sharing it.


We do church like that each week...SO blessed to have a close, deep, relationship with fellow believers. :)

The older I get, the younger the brides and grooms look to me....Ugh! They're adorable and look completely happy! Praying a lifelong friendship filled with deep passionate love for each other.

Brad Ruggles said...

Checking out your wife's blog now...

Oh, and what's up with the guy singing BOTH parts of A Whole New World? Impressive or creepy? :-)

Jen said...

*sigh* If it wouldn't sound too freaky from some strange Aussie chick who found your blog after reading Ree's who she doesn't know either, but talks to her husband like she's known her all her life, I'd flop onto your couch anyday of the week and twice on Sundays.

Sunni R. said...

That video of the guy singing both Jasmine and Aladdin is unbelievable...equal parts cool and weird. What a talent. I sing, so I appreciate his range.

Kate said...

I really enjoy when my roommate and I have friends over. He asks me how many to plan for and I always say, "Five or Thirty." It's our running joke because our house is a safe place for people to be. Especially people in recovery. We laugh and say we're "Gay-friendly and kid approved." and that means we get the whole gamut, from moms in early sobriety who can't handle their screaming children and we give them a night off to the guy getting out of treatment who doesn't know up from down. We take them all. And it's all good.