They love me...

Me: Hey babe, what are you doing?

Allison: Checking my email.

Me: What else are you doing?

Allison: I don't know...why?

Me: Because I'm interviewing you.

Allison: ...

Me: Are you feeling better?

Allison: Yeah.

Me: Do you////

Allison: Are you writing down everything I say??

Me: Yes...I told you I was interviewing you.

Allison: I'm not talking to you anymore.

Me: Don't you love me?

Allison: *head nod yes*

Me: How do you stay so dang sexy?

Allison: You are a nerd. Stop.

Me: What's your favorite thing about me?

Allison: Are you trying to be like the pioneer woman? I saw that blog.

Me: Argh. Hey Ava, do you love me? Ava. Hey Ava. Ava! Dangit! I made you cheesy scrambled eggs...don't you love me?

Ava: Mom, I wanna watch a movie.

Me: ...

Allison: Aww...are you mad because I won't go along with your little interview?

Me: ...


Links for the day: <---as mentioned by my bride.

Mozilla Firefox <----Download this. It's so much better than Internet Exlplorer or Safari. I can see from the hits on my blog that most of you are using Internet Explorer...switch to Firefox and you'll be glad you did. It runs faster than IE or Safari and it's got some neato tools to help you be more nerdy.

RSS in plain English <---Watch this video and subscribe to my blog in a reader. Subscribe to lots of blogs in a reader. If you have Mozilla Firefox, there is a built-in reader that works really well. I read lots of blogs everyday and the only way it's possible is through RSS. (really simple syndication)

Technorati <---- Claim your blog and find out what your blog's authority is. Lots of good tools here.

8 waggish utterances thus far...:

zeghsy said...

but ree is totally awesome!

DanThoms said...

There are people out there who don't use Firefox? Oh the humanity!

Starwoodgal said...

Ree is pretty cool!

If I wanted or tried to interview my husband he would be all "you're weird, go away". :)

DanThoms said...

4, my blog authority is a 4, thats no good, I'll have to work on that. Quick, everyone visit and link to my blog. My popularity and self esteem are at steak here.

Erin said...

I've been using Mozilla for quite a few years now...can't imagine using IE again.

Did your interview pan out the way you had hoped?

Candace said...

IE? OMG, switch now!

Also, I love the Google Reader. I have it on my iGoogle page- along with Gmail and lots of other stuff.

Saves time from going to a bunch of pages.

Anonymous said...

Awww, no pictures today? One of Ava would've fit this post PERFECTLY :)

Feisty Irish Wench said...

Followed Shannon's link over here...I love your eye for the shot. I don't have that instinct.

I only use IE for posting on message boards on ONE website. I reaaaaally like that if the page closes (like when the wind blows backwards and the power goes out) Firefox saves the site you were on, and you can restore your session.