Bling / Got up early...

My task list has too many things still mocking me for it to be Friday already. I got up out of bed a couple hours earlier than the girls this morning to get some work done before I head off to the Leadership Summit today. I'm going out of town for all day tomorrow and I don't feel like staying up all night to finish the projects I've got going on. I probably will though.

I can't seem to get a lot done when this is going on in the other room:


It's so distracting. Every 5 minutes I have to go back in there to stare at them.


I'm slightly worried that they'll wake up one of these times. I'll just be there looking at them with no normal question to ask. No What do you guys want for breakfast? or How did you sleep?

Just an awestruck look in my eyes that asks the question How on earth did I hit this jackpot?



And now for something completely different.


[obligatory emo picture of my new bling]


15 waggish utterances thus far...:

Chris said..., uh, got something on your lip there.

Weather Moose

JT said...

I would say that you are a lucky man, but I don't believe in luck. God is gracious, but you already know that. PS - she probably knows that you stalk her in her sleep. :)

Allayna said...


Erin said...

I can relate to just staring. On the weekends I wake up to my husband snuggled up to our 2 month old girl. It just makes my world stop for a moment.

Thanks for sharing that.

Oh and didn't that hurt?!

Kia in Sweden said...

What's that on your lip!? Did you collide with a stapler. Ha ha ha. And I'm trying to stop my 15 year old daughter from doing just that. (or get a tattoo or pierce her nose) We have that discussion every week. She's so unhappy with her mother. What to do?!

"How on earth did I hit this jackpot?" Because God loves you.

Have a good weekend!

Elaine said...

I agree. You married up.

julie strasser said...

how beautiful! i've been trying desperately to get my 5 YEAR OLD out of our bed. but seeing your pics makes me want her to just stay....i kinda choked up and had tears in my eyes.

Bonnie said...

I stare at the kids sleeping and just want to bottle that moment to take out and cherish when they are ugly teenagers with body odor and an attitude.

Xian said...

Oh. Shiny lip ring. I miss mine so!

Debbie said...

I still stare at my sleeping college aged kids when they come home!

Laurie said...

Do you mess with the lip ring all the time. I don't think I'd be able to leave it alone.

But I've got you beat in mouth bling. I'm a 33 year old with braces. I'm sporting a full on "grill".

Jenny said...

Oh, I LOVE the sleeping shots. I stare at mine (8 & 4) too. It keeps my thoughts of them during their waking hours balanced. lol

julie strasser said...

yeah! you got coffee. henry is a lovely guy who has worn black i think since he turned 13. i did see him in a white shirt once. i love dedication.

Snobound said...

Very sweet photos of your "girls". I'm sure they mess with your heart - in a good way, of course.

If you keep getting pierced, tatoo'd, gain some weight, and start riding a HOG, when your little one's 16 you can scare off all her beaus!

Cate said...

My oldest is six years old, and I totally still love watching him sleep. It never gets old.