Guilty Pleasures...

Everyone's got guilty pleasures. My definition of a guilty pleasure would be those things that you might not feel comfortable admitting with certain crowds. It's that stuff that you pretty much just keep to yourself to enjoy.

Some of my guilty pleasures include:

Pizza Lunchables - I love Pizza Lunchables. If I had to estimate it, I've probably consumed somewhere around 400-500 of these delicacies in my lifetime. I can remember back when they first came out...I was hooked from the start. I ate two of them last week. GUILTY.

I adore folk music. Loudon Wainwright III, Lucinda Williams, David Wilcox...the list could go on and on. I connect with this music in a way like no other genre. I've got rock, hip-hop, name it. No ones around? I'm playing some folk music. GUILTY.

I like taking baths. Now mind you I've got to shower briefly before a good bath, but still. A bath is so relaxing. I've fallen asleep in the tub more times than I can remember. I look at bathrooms like this one above and I break at least 3 of the 10 commandments. GUILTY.

What are some of your guilty pleasures?

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DanThoms said...

Ok, so lunchabels are just too small. My sisters used to have those for lunch, in high school. I would have to eat at least 3 or 4 of them. Ok, so I also enjoy hot baths. Granted it sounds so unmanly that I rarely admit it. I also like gummy worms and swing sets. On the inside I'm still like 12 years old.

Jenny said...

Hot baths are amazing, but only with bubbles. I'm going out to get some more bubble bath soap today in fact. I got a new little device over the weekend to add 3 inches of water to my bath experience. Let's see other guilty pleasure include chocolate covered cherries, strawberries with hot fudge sauce, and a hot coffee or tea with donuts or cookies while snuggled up under a blanket watching movies.

lizzytro said...

whoa...did somebody get bored today...holy new blogging template batman!

Helen Ann said...

I'm pretty unafraid of admitting my "guilty pleasures" but I know that I take ridicule for them...Included are:

Listening to hours and hours of Air Supply and Barry
Manilow...YES...Barry Manilow! Forget Elvis and Michael Jackson. He's the real King of music as far as I am concerned. He's a genius. And no...The guys in Air Supply are NOT gay! Trust me. :)

Staying Alive - the sequel to Saturday Night Fever is one of my all-time favorite films. It's classic 80s. My best friend and I used to have a yearly night of movies that included Staying Alive, Purple Rain and Flashdance. Musical Film...LOVE it. I'm currently creating one of my own!

Food wise...Pretty much any kind of celebratory cake...Wedding, Birthday...White cake with butter cream or whipped icing. Bring it on. Throw in a pint of turkish coffe ice cream and I'm done for.

I also love the smell of Hardware stores and unlit cigarettes.

Like the new layout! said...

Lunchables! Yes! Ah, nostalgia.

I used to love the turkey and cheese ones.

Calista said...

Lucinda Williams rocks! So do Loudon Wainright III and David Wilcox. You should check out You can get live streaming audio. Ahh...bliss.

Winter said...

Hot pockets.

I could eat a million of them.

scott d said...

i could listen to loudon and lucinda all day long. in fact, i think, sometimes i do. so i'll share this guilty pleasure with you.

i also could listen to sixpence all day.

[crap. i wish i knew how to turn on that filter that keeps me from expressing guilty pleasures that no one on this earth shares with me.]